Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Trinidad and Tobago

Oh my what a wonderful thing to behold!
To see such underdogs play so beautifully, style, grace under pressure..I hope you go far..But not that far..Sorry .
I want England to win but oh was I disappointed in their first game. Beckham played well but I can't say the same for Owen or Crouch. Crouch was just irritating I am sorry to say. I get that you are tall and kind of gangly but you are not the tallest player around and the other tall guys manage to play without so much drama and angst. Stop yer whining already and be less knees and elbows...damn somebody is going to lose an eye you skinny bastard.

So far the games seem a little slow and conservative......Everyone terrified of being the goat.
The US played terribly..too timid. The coach is an ass though. This is not the time to trash your players publicly. A little comfort and support would have been the better approach I think..hell his players are so depressed they look like they want to go home. It's just one game boys..damn..Get a grip and move on and it's not like you don't have some talent..RELAx already.

I love the World Cup though. Downtown is a non stop party with flags waving...and so far not one person threatening to blow all of Canada up because we like bacon and hate wearing black sheets.

Too bad Canada is too damn cheap to support a national team..It would have been nice if we had made it to Germany with the rest of the world.


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