Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Readers beware it's going to get ugly

So. I am pissed. No, really, really angry.
I have terrorists in my country?
This country bends over backwards to let any and every person do their own thing, speak their own language,worship whatever God they want, isolate themselves into little enclaves, whatever.
We provide health care for free, social services everywhere, education is free. Every opportunity to succeed surrounds anyone willing to put a little tiny bit of work in it.
And what do we get for all this? A bunch of assholes wanting to blow us up.

Right now I want every Muslim rounded up and put on planes, trains and automobiles and dropped into the countries of their births and told to fuck off and never come back.
I don't want you here.
I no longer care about innocent law abiding Muslims just going along to get along..I don't believe that bullshit anymore. I don't believe there is a peaceful Muslim left in the world.
I think every one of you harbours in your heart a deep and raging hatred for anyone not Muslim in the world. Sure some of you hide it well and pretend you are one of the good guys but I see through that now.

You want us all dead.Most of you wouldn't actually do it yourself but you sure as hell wont stop someone else, would you? How many of you had coffee, lunch, dinner with those seventeen? How many conversations did you have about hate? But you did absolutely nothing did you?

Multiculturalism is to blame. We let immigrants come to OUR country dragging their fanatical beliefs with them and we did nothing to stamp out that insanity. We did not force these people to assimilate into the country. We let them believe they could shit all over us, ignore our culture and customs, use us as a welfare state sucking our resources without giving a damn thing back.

These creeps then woke up and decided hey! These Canadians are so dumb we can just blow them up and take over their country.

I want to be a good little Canadian and believe it's just a bunch of bad apples but it's not true is it?
They went to the same mosque, all those people heard the same messages of hate and intolerance, they all chanted happily about death to the unbelievers right? So, this bunch is just the tip of the iceberg, the ones that got caught. How about all the rest? Sitting at home thinking the very same thoughts? They haven't acted on their hate yet but it's really only a matter of time.
They will use these terrorists as an excuse, it's already starting. These IDIOTS complaining that it's not fair that terrorists are sitting in isolation, these idiots whining that they have a right to pray and chant some more about killing us all......Not one of these so called Muslim "leaders" heaped hatred on these bastards. It was all "oh dear some bad person broke our windows".."oh we are being discriminated against".."oh protect us we are only supporters of terrorists!"" We only want all of you dead" .

You don't have any rights, you plotted and planned to MURDER Canadians...You gave up all your rights the second you decided that MURDERING us was a good idea.

To the wife that cried she didn't get to see her husband..If seeing him was so damned important why didn't you tell him that planning to murder people was a really bad idea? Why didn't you call a doctor? Get him committed to a psych ward? You could have seen him regularly if you had made any effort to stop him. You didn't do a damn thing. If he had been successful I would gladly have seen you arrested for being complicit in murder.

Immigrants that choose terror don't get any rights. You don't get access to the charter. YOU gave up all your rights. You are a fucking terrorist.

There are 1.3 billion Muslims in the world. I can bet that at least half of them are involved in discussing the end of my life. The other half are just thinking it. It's your religion to want us all dead right?

You want to bitch about our role in Afghanistan? What role? The role where you kill us while we drive down the road we built for you? The role where we build your damn schools, dig your wells ,build and fund your hospitals? The role where we feed your damn children and vaccinate them and provide goddamn medical care for your fucking herd animals? How about our role in backing up your army? How about how we protect women and children from landmines planted by your insane friends?

I used to believe in live and let live. I don't anymore.

Every Muslim in Canada who wants to change this country into a fascist , fanatical Muslim state needs to get the fuck out. If there is even a whisper in your brain that sneers at Canada you need to get the fuck out.
Muslims aren't better people, your rules are not better. You are a bunch of racists with such a grandiose dream of ethnic cleansing it makes Hitler look like an amateur. You are a religious, serial killing plague on the world.

Let's be real here. That is the Muslim plan is it not? To the wipe the unbelievers from the planet.
The dream is to have a world filled with Muslims, only Muslims..Every one else dead and buried.
Let's say it out loud
What Muslims dream of is a Holocaust on a scale no sane person can imagine.

I will never become a Muslim, you will need to blow me up.
Just remember while you are plotting and planning our deaths all in the name of Allah, I will plotting and planning your removal from my country.
I will vote for anyone who wants you stripped of everything and thrown penniless back into whatever desert ghetto you escaped from.
You want to blow me up?
I have even worse plans for you. I want you to be a beggar in a country you have forgotten. I want you homeless and starving. I want you back in a refugee camp, no free education, no doctor, no hospital. I want you to feel every day the pain of what you gave up when you threatened the country that tried to give you everything you didn't have.
I want you to pine for grocery stores, cable television, clean water, a sanitary toilet.
I want you to wake up and cry for what you have done. I want your God to hate you.

Ten years ago I didn't have a clue about Islam. I didn't really care about religion much. I knew it generated insanity in weak minds, I had no clue how many weak minds there were. Now I know.
I can never go back to not knowing that in every Mosque I pass the people in there are chanting for my death, they are chanting for the destruction of my country.
I used to drive pass and think what a very pretty church, now I think do they already have a bomb?

Every time you as a Muslim say a prayer for Islam to spread, that is a prayer for my death.
Genocide in a prayer.
Think carefully about what you do next. Real Canadians seem placid on the surface but you really, really don't want to wake us up because we will kick your asses so hard you will wake up face down in the desert of Saudi. That is a goddamned promise.

We destroyed Hitler, we can destroy you too.


At 10:53 PM, Blogger Genotzarr said...

I agree that terrorist is a really sad thing, but I think you generalize too much.
No, not all muslims are terrorrist, no Islam is not about hate. It's just that some exremists get the message wrong.
But surely, Muslims are not extremists. Just a tiny portion.

You said they are hearing messages of intolerance in the mosque, but what I read on your blog, I interpret it as pretty intolerant.
You cannot ask of someone something you're not willing to be or do.

At 11:27 PM, Blogger adventures in disaster said...

I wrote this huge reply and I think blogger ate it.
anyway..yes, yes I can..I can ask that crazed religious fanatics fuck off and die because I am NOT required to be tolerant of them. I don't have to bend over for fundamentalist religious fanatics of ANY kind.
Ofcourse you don't think Islam is about hate..Islam LOVES you because you preaches only good and wonderful things for you...try reading what it preaches for me "the unbeliever"...not so much of the love there right?
In fact all religions teach their followers that "unbelievers' are rotten evil creatures that will burn in some kind of awful pit or will be killed by a righteous returning messiah..or in the case of Islam any Muslim ..the goal of religion is to kill off the competition and I refuse to "tolerate" that.

Religious people are at their scary core extremists waiting for the word of God to tell them to wipe out the competition.
If you truly believed in your faith how are going to say no to the word of God? Are you going to renounce your faith? are going to pick up a bomb and throw it at the closest target because your God LOVES you and told you to and you don't want to go to hell.
No one has to tolerate CRAZY.

At 5:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You don't think crazy should be tolerated and yet you post message like the ones above?

If you have issues with religious fanatics and lump even the "normal" believers in together then you should ship of the Christians, Hindus, and Catholics. While you're at it if you want to punish the innocents as well as anyone does something vile and evil then you would rid this country of...well everyone. Everyoen belongs to a group of people who has a minority of idiots who don't value life and goes to great lengths to get their flawed point across. Hell, in a way that's what our President is doing.


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