Sunday, May 28, 2006

In still weirder news

Some people actually believe global warming isn't real.
Strangely these people all have ties to oil production and refining. Weird huh?
Personally I think all those people that don't believe in climate change should be issued a very special ID badge.
Everyone else that actually gets it should get another special badge. All of us that work really hard to decrease emissions, volunteer , badger and cajole will get really cool things with our special badge. We would get discounts on smart cars, fridges and washers and dryers. Our taxes would be less. We would get better pay.
The idiots that think nothing is happening? Well there life doesn't change at all. They believe in the past so they should get to live there. I mean they wouldn't care anyway right? They won't be trying to change the world, they certainly won't be buying smart anything.
They may whine a bit about the tax thing but hey! We aren't raising their taxes..We are just keeping them the same. Nothing will change for the oil lover.
The world will just get better and better for the people that care about their environment.
Eventually the oil will run out or it will get so expensive even the oil lover won't be able to afford it and then, maybe, they will get with the program. But it wont really matter by then, they won't have any other choice.

Some times good people just have to drag the idiots along for the ride.

The good thing is most of these idiots are fat, old white men. They won't last much longer. I cannot tell you how much better off the world is going to be when this power generation folds it's tent.
The new generation is full of brilliant minds focused on their world, they will have solutions and more importantly they will be able to implement them when this generation of warmongering nutcases die.

That is the beauty of the earth and the world, change is constant and evolving.

I am at a loss to explain why illegal immigrants are moaning and bitching. You are illegal. You entered the country by lying. Thousands of very good people worked incredibly hard to come here the right way. You snuck in and made a mockery of their struggle. Piss off. Get out of my country. I don't care if you procreated fifty times and your wife is pregnant again. Why would you have ten children if you KNEW you were in the country illegally?
Your children are not citizens, they are illegal, just like you. Why would you cause your family so much harm? Did you lie and tell your wife and children it's okay? Why? Why would you do such a thing?
Canada has ridiculously loose refugee standards. You could tell them a police man looked at you crossly and you would get asylum. Why didn't you declare that at the border? You would have been give your very own social worker, welfare and a medical insurance card and even better they would have found you a place to live and a job.
You never had to be an illegal alien.
Now, you can't ask for refugee status you idiot because you have lived in Canada for ten years.
It is all so damn unnecessary.
My real bone is don't you dare bitch at me about your damn rights. You have no rights in my country. You are not a citizen, nor a refugee. You don't like it? Fuck off back home asshole.
It's the gall that gets me, the aggressive me, me, me...well there are citizens in this country that aren't getting the services they need, they come first.
If you want to be a citizen then follow the damn rules. The rules aren't even hard. Hell, we take anyone.
For those of you that think breaking the law, lying about who you are and sucking up services intended for citizens is a wonderful damn thing? Give up your piece of the pie to them.
Think about how much it costs in tax dollars to put two kids through public school. Let's say two grand a year for twelve years times two. So, forty eight thousand dollars. Add on the cost of labour and delivery for both these kids. Fifty two thousand dollars. Now, I have never met any family that has never needed to see a doctor...Let's add on about ten grand worth of medical services for the whole family for twelve years. How about roads,water, sewer, hospital,school maintenance? Illegal immigrants work under the table, usually for cash so they aren't paying any taxes but they sure are using the resources right?
So, how about all those people in favour of illegal immigration get a huge new tax bill. Yup, you pay for their needs okay?
I won't say boo if you want to pay their way but someone has to pay and I am sick to death of seeing my tax dollars getting ear marked for more and more "health care" but the services never ever getting better because the ER and the ICU are EATING all the funds.

Let's take one illegal immigrant. Let's say he works in construction. His boss knows he is illegal so he gives him some crappy training and an even crappier job. This job is still a "good job", it pays well.
This poor guy gets a load of cement dropped on him while he is working in a confined area.
It takes two fire trucks and an advanced life support team to get him out of this mess. He is in bad shape. He goes to the ER. He is not well enough to talk, he is intubated at the scene. He has no ID. He begins his trek through the medical world. He gets lab work, Xrays and a CT of his whole damn body. He has damaged his lungs, broke a bunch of bones and needs an ICU bed.
He has burned through about twenty five thousand health care dollars before he even reaches the ICU. One ICU bed costs fifteen hundred dollars a day. That is just the bed, the space that comes equipped with thousands of dollars or hightech monitoring. Then comes one on one nursing care, a respiratory therapist and an intensivist. Our guy also needs an orthopedic surgeon for a few thousand dollars of surgery to put his bones back where they belong.
A week later he has burned through a hundred thousand dollars worth of lab tests. Xrays, CT's surgery, nursing care, medical care, consults to all services and then finally a request for social work when they wife arrives with no insurance card and completely unable to speak a word of English. Social work realizes he is illegal. Also his employer has no workers comp insurance for him because he doesn't exist on his payroll. He is not entitled to any UI because he has never paid any. The family hasn't got a dime. So, emergency welfare kicks in. We scrounge up an emergency insurance card and we keep our fingers crossed that it wont get rejected by immigration. Ofcourse it does.
Family is broke, illegal, no way out. Can never pay the medical bills, hell can't pay the rent.
If we had any sense this would be the moment we went straight to the consulate of their country and shoved it into their lap.
I would wait till the guy was medically stable, gather up his family and put them all on a plane headed straight to where they came from. But not my country..oh no..We give them time, time to eat up more resources.

Why do these people have more rights than the average Canadian?
Some Canadians have waited years for a new hip or knee because we don't have enough orthopedic specialists and the ones we do have spend half their lives pinning trauma patients back together.
I think that the moment you need the resources of the country you have illegally entered your home country is obliged to pay the damn bill.
When I leave Canada my country says we will pay ANY medical bill you have and we will get you back to Canada the moment it is medically feasible. My country loves me, it's citizen, because I pay through the nose for it's love.
You can have that love too if you pay for it. Scamming your way here is wrong, it's criminal and no I don't have a moment of sympathy for you. You knew what you were doing and the thought that you brought your wife and had children that had to share this incredible risk is your problem. You should have thought things out before you decided to start a family in a country that wasn't yours.

Entry into Canada is not a difficult thing, you just need to apply and pay your fee and be patient. Thousands of people do it every damn year. They work incredibly hard, they suffer terrible setbacks but soldier on. They do it the right way. You don't have to be a professional to apply either, we have lists and lists and lists for anyone with a trade. All we ask is do it legally. You do it the right way and this country will care for you the best it knows how for the rest of your life.

Do it illegally and we wont be very happy with you at all. Whine and complain about how mean we are not to give you a warm hug for breaking our laws? Then we will happily put you and every one of your spawn on a plane headed back to the place you came from.
Enough already from the overly entitled criminal.


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