Friday, June 16, 2006

Crazy and mean

I am constantly shocked at how crazy people are on the web.
I have read comments from some nutjob that female genital mutilation is less painful and has less side effects than circumcision. I have read comments from angst filled melodrama experts about how awful they have been treated by nurses, doctors, ambulance drivers, the girl that made their coffee....the list is endless and then today I read Rob's blog My beloved Monster and me...a blog about his beautiful and wonderful daughter and some mentally crazed asshole threatened to "beat the shit out of her".
She is six. Six years old.
Some internet whackjob who probaby still sleeps with their teenagers in a family bed for the "bonding" wants to beat up a six year old.
This idiot wandered over from another site to play pile it on..I can only guess the other site is all about parental attachment disorders and how to create them or it's that site for the mentally ill that refuse to take their meds because Tom Cruise told them not to.

I get that crazy people are everywhere but it seems that they are way over represented on the web.
Mean people are here too...but mean and crazy seem to hold the majority.

To the dick that threatened a six year hard do you think it will be to find you?

To the rest of the nuts.......
maybe you should read what you write first before you hit that publish button. Think would I be comfortable saying this out loud to my coworkers and my boss? If the answer is no and for most of you the answer will always be no because you are craven cowards try shutting the fuck up you miserable assholes.
Jesus, threatening a disabled six year old


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