Thursday, June 15, 2006

Okay then

Being an England fan is not easy.
Being an England fan is an invitation to cursing and threats .....
I cannot believe how awful they played. I know, I know they won and that is all that matters right? NO
Not at all.
If it is that hard to get past Trinidad how the hell is England going to get past Germany or hell Brazil?
I understand that Rooney is a strange talisman for the team but relying on him to provide an incentive to play is insanity.
The moment Rooney took the pitch England woke up and decided to play football. It was almost too late.
I wanted to scream for eighty minutes.

Once again I thought Beckham did all the hard work and the rest of the team couldn't care less...all glory hogs one and all.
Pass the ball? But whhyyyyyyy? I want to take the shot and miss over and over seven times over..Hi Lampard you ass.
Micheal Owen played like he desperately wanted to go home already. Maybe he didn't but damn where was he?

I think we are headed for disaster and we will never get out of the second stage.......

Thank goodness I still have Brazil..not that they played any better in their first game....

ahhh I'm doomed.


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