Friday, June 23, 2006

asshats revealed

The name of the craven assholes that threatened a six year old disabled child is revealed.
The Jane book club filled with fat, old, illiterate, ugly and stupid women with no friends or family is the culprit.
This group of social retards with no life get together to chat about intellectual how fat and ugly they are and why no one loves them and why every person they meet declares them raving assholes.
I recommend to everyone who really likes to be mean to sign up for their lovely little club and threaten to come to their homes and beat them with a brick..only in a really intellectual and thought provoking way ofcourse.

Check them out..see if you can find their addresses and phone their employers...It'll be fun.
The sign up link is over at My beloved Monster and me ..You know you cannot resist.


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