Thursday, June 29, 2006

being of two minds

Israel and Palestine..what a mess

I have always had a soft spot for the Palestinians. I get that they are really, really pissed off. I would be too. If my country was invaded and my home and my land ripped out from under me and I was sent to a refugee camp forced to rebuild my life in a slum I would be angry..really angry.
I understand that none of this is the fault of Israel . They needed a home and they had been sorely tested..Their suffering demanded real justice and providing them a home which historically was their home made sense.
The problem was how it was done.
If some patience, care and compassion had been present at the time we would not be having these tragic disasters.
If everyone in the Middle East had acted with some maturity and worked together to make a little room for a people so achingly tired of being tormented stability would have been possible.
Instead everyone acted like a spoiled toddler being introduced to the new baby.
Jealousy, hate and general all around bitchiness which resulted in the baby growing up having learned the vital lesson strike first and then scream for mommy.(In this case mommy being the US)
Arabs in the Middle East behave like the Jews are billion strong evil empire intent on taking over the world..Ignoring the fact that the Jewish total population is about 30 million world wide.
1.3 Billion Muslims cowering in fear when with a flick of the wrist they could wipe out any problem...But Muslims need someone to whine about. They refuse to acknowledge that their problems are their own so they need a fall guy.
Why bother trying to create stability when you can whine that the baby gets everything and nobody loves you anymore?
But I digress.

Palestinians made a grave error in the last election. I understand why they did it. Hamas was very busy in the community, they were building hospitals, schools. They were creating jobs. They were preaching to the disenfranchised and to those pissed off about the graft and corruption of the PLO. The people wanted to see real results from the billions and billions and billions of dollars that were pouring in from the international community and that money never showed up anywhere tangible. Hamas promised them that they would have better lives, that their children would have real opportunities.
Who could resist ?
Well the people should have because Hamas never lied about their political beliefs, they never lied about enjoying blowing shit up and blowing people up alongside the shit.
Hamas told the people straight up that they were a terrorist organization with a political arm..just like the IRA.
So the people closed their eyes to the thuggery in hopes for a better tomorrow......Horribly naive.

Israel had no choices here. They could not recognize a terrorist group bent on the destruction of their country. They were justified in getting the hell out and leaving the Palestinians to sort out their own mess. I would have built a fence thirty feet taller with about three more inner fences wrapped in electricity.
I would never have spoken to them again until they elected a government with half a brain.
I would have cut off every support I had ever offered. You want to be an independent country? Go right ahead .

Instead Israel tried. Within the constraints of trying to keep their people safe from nutcases with bombs strapped to their pants, they tried.
Until these jackasses dug a tunnel and invaded a foreign country, murdered and kidnapped their citizens.

The Palestinians got a raw deal a long time ago, the Arab states should have helped them but they refused. Israel could have been more compassionate and accommodating but I give them a pass as they were still in shock and shouldn't have been allowed to use sharp knives without supervision after their WW2 experience..They weren't exactly in the bend over backwards to help someone who hated their guts kind of mood right then.

Palestinians have no excuses now. They have had years to get over it, they have been given billions of dollars to get over it, they have been given more and more land to get over it but they wont. They refuse to grow up and get a damn life, they are rogue teenagers refusing all responsibility for the messes they make.
And to that I say fuck you.
The minute you strapped a bomb onto a child so he could murder other children, they moment you snuck like a thief through the night to murder you burned out that last bit of sympathy.
I no longer give a shit if you are the wronged party..You behave like a savage dog and the only recourse is euthanasia.

I don't want anymore children to die, they are the ONLY innocents in this but if they need to be made orphans to get your insane asses to stop? So be it.

I am at a complete loss on why Hamas wants their own people dead. They seem intent on a mass suicide by war. They cannot resist provoking.
Do these sociopaths truly think that by blowing up innocent shoppers at the market Israel will do an about face and move? It is almost too impossible to believe that an entire group of people can be that dumb.

Maybe Hamas is a group formed from the product of incestuous inbreeding leading to degenerate, illiterate morons incapable of logical rational behaviour.
It's the only reason I can think of for being so stupid as to invite the complete eradication of your own people.
Hamas is so incredibly lucky Israel has their history..If this was any other country they would have paved the Palestinian "homeland" and frog marched the Palestinians to the border, any border.

What a nice cautionary tale about democracy...Voting seems like a great idea, until you stupidly vote in your own destruction.

I would like this shit to stop but I fully support Israel bulldozing Gaza until their people are rescued.
If is important to let the teenagers know that every action has an opposite and sometimes terrible reaction. Hamas has done something very evil and now? They have to pay for it.
It is what the Palestinians voted for.

I hope with all my heart that the hostages are still alive.


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