Tuesday, August 01, 2006

how many words are there for hot?

I know it is some dumb myth that the Inuit have a bajillion words for snow. I do know they have more than one and that is more than we have for hot.
It's so hot I am sitting here typing and sweating with the fan blowing full blast. I may end up a CSI mystery when I get that pail of ice to put in front of the fan and it melts right into an electrical outlet. I guess that might make me hotter but I doubt it.

I would like to go swimming but it seems the human waste and sludge from a thousand factories over a hundred years has created an e-coli bathtub.
The great news in ecology today is the oceans are literally teeming with bacteria..some we have never seen before. Gosh..want to go for a swim?

I remember heat waves when I was a kid but this seems different. It is the mugginess, the thickness of the air..no breezes and no summer rain at dusk. The storms have been crazy, rain coming down as if I lived in Daytona Beach in March. When I was a teenager we used to drive to Florida for March break along with a few million other Canadians. It used to rain horizontally for a minute or two obscuring the whole world. Now we have those same rains here.
I guess global warming isn't a myth after all.

So Mel Gibson.....Wow. I know he has been a drunk for a long time but I thought he had some functioning brain cells left..He proved that wrong.
What always baffles me about rich people is why are they wandering around all by themselves?
Why was Mel in a bar till 2am all by himself? Don't these people have any friends? Do they really need to go to a bar and desperately seek attention from strangers?
He was offered a ride home by numerous people but what creeps me out is these people say he was drunk,slurring and unsteady but they let him get in his car and drive away. Where was the bar staff? Drunk people by definition have absolutely no judgment, they are too drunk not to get in their car..If you are busy getting your picture taken and demanding hugs how about showing some humanity and calling the drunk a cab? Asshole fans that don't give a shit except for how much the Enquirer will pay for their cheesy camera phone pictures.
I know Gibson is an anti-semite, hell he was raised by a raving lunatic so I would be shocked if he escaped unscathed but he has managed throughout his career to never spew any of his lunatic ravings outloud even when he was drunk.
I have no idea what opened the flood gates this time but he can't recover from it. No one will want to come any where near that toxic shit. I get that he has a ton of money and a production company all his own but pictures don't get made without writers and actors. What actor in their right mind is going to sign up to star with Mel? What writer is going to want their name beside Mel's in the credits? It would be career suicide.
I loved Mel for a long time, I had posters people, I kept his people magazine cover forever. I stopped loving him after lethal weapon seven thousand. I began to actively dislike him with Passion of the Christ..pretentious much?
Now he seems like a creepy asshole that just needs to go away. He can go hang out with Russell Crowe. They can keep building churches in their backyards and spewing vitriol and drinking nonstop back in Australia. Australia seems like it straightens these guys out. Maybe it's the heat or the people who just wont take their bull..who knows? but Mel needs to go home and get his shit together away from the world.
Obviously he is unwell but the truth is always revealed when you are drunk and Mels truth is he is an asshole that needs a handler and a driver. More importantly he needs a tour of Auschwitz and a good Jewish therapist and maybe he needs to stay the hell away from his nutjob father.

The war
I am at a complete loss. These people are lunatics. Childish assholes that don't care who dies as long as they win. I swear these have to be the most fucking immature people ever to have graced the planet. I know five year old Canadian kids that are more mature.
Is it just too damn hot in the middle east? Does it cause idiocy?
These idiots are fighting over twenty miles of worthless scrubland that wouldn't support two cows. All this "homeland" bs just like the nazis.
The solution is so damn simple it makes you want to fucking cry. Stop shooting at me and I will stop shooting at you..One, two, three stop you assholes. Okay now lets give the damn Palestinians there fifty or so miles of "homeland". Give Lebanon their shit back. There..Everybody stop bitching.
This isn't brain surgery.
Stop engaging Iran, they are like a teenager doing crazy shit for attention..periodically give them a pat on the head and let the new generation fix the problem.
Iran has a wonderful, intelligent younger generation which will soon be ready to make real changes. Give them the time to do their work.
Syria is a worthless terrorist state that exists only to feed extremists to Iraq and Lebanon..maybe someone should have invaded them..George, and left Iraq alone.

To the new extreme fundamentalists..Hi! You crazy born again American freaks!
Take a close look at those Arab suicide bombers..See anything familiar? Yes, that is you looking back...
Tell me truly wouldn't you be first in line to blow up anything that threatened your world view of the Apocalypse?
What if the Muslims took over Jerusalem and blew up all the churches and synagogues? AHHH..I can see you strapping on your explosives vest now...right?
You all want to be first in line to be saved . You are salivating over your copy of revelations , well the Coles notes version anyway and you can't wait...What kind of monster is thrilled and excited about mass slaughter? Well, that would be evangelical Christians..reveling in the "end of times". Hypocrites all.

I have to wonder about how stupid these "exiled" Cubans are. Dancing on the streets because Fidel needed an operation. Maybe you want to have the celebration when something new and different actually happens in Cuba. Having his brother cover him for a few weeks isn't exactly regime change dumbasses. What? You think the brother will take power and knock off Fidel?
They are old, really old. They don't want any changes, hell if they get the wrong breakfast cereal it upsets their whole day. These are two guys that like routine, they want sameness. They haven't changed their uniforms in forty years or their hair....they aren't going to go all wacky now.
They both will be dead soon enough okay? You waited this long, I think you can hang on another few years.

Pamies new book is out..go see her and buy the book..it's funny and damn we need some funny right now.


At 12:05 AM, Blogger BBC said...

Not that I think that you will allow this comment, but you sound like Mrs. God.

At 9:52 AM, Blogger Heather said...

I concur.


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