Friday, August 18, 2006


Most of what I do in nursing has never been proven through research. The new buzz words of health care are "evidence based" treatments. Meaning when we do something we have to have some evidence to prove that what we are doing actually works.
Which means research.
So here is a little scenario, after surgery we sit people up on the side of the bed..We call it "dangling" cause well, your feet are dangling off the side of the bed. We do it for a few reasons, first to give your butt a break from laying there, to see how you tolerate sitting up; do you get dizzy? Do you feel like throwing up? This will help us decide how soon to allow you to get out of bed. Dangling for people with chest tubes also allows the chest to drain, sometimes pockets of fluid can gather when you are laying flat, this empties them out and helps us see how quickly you can get your chest tubes out. Dangling also let's us see how your heart and lungs work when stressed a little bit, a good test to see how well you are doing.
So a small thing like dangling is a huge assessment tool but there is NO literature to prove that dangling has any value..No evidence....hmmm
So, do we stop dangling?
After surgery we give everyone a postop bath. I know it seems insane. The patient showers before surgery with a special soap, right before the surgeon cuts the patient is bathed again in an antibacterial paint and after surgery we bath the patient again.
There is no evidence for it but as nurses we know that the soap and the paint itch. Some patients get a nasty, itchy rash from it so we wash it off before it can become an issue. We wash off some spots of dried blood because it's upsetting to the family.
I don't have any research to tell me that what I am doing is right or wrong..Should I stop until I do?

Some research seems so obvious it's almost comical but sometimes research can show us surprising things.
The newest research shows us that surgical site infections are unaffected by all that special soap and paint..A normal shower holds the same risks as being bathed in an antibacterial paint.
Do we stop using the paint?

About the guy that says he killed JonBenet...I say wait and see. I think he may know the person that did this, he may have helped but he may just be a nut looking to be star.
I think he is definitely a pedophile, and definitely crazy.
I do wish that Thailand could keep him. Their prison system is a lot less comfortable than the US . Thailand doesn't believe in coddling their prisoners and maybe twenty years in a Thai prison would help him see the error of his ways..Though most can't really survive twenty years..that wont be a loss though.
I am of the belief that pedophiles that are convicted should be euthanized. There is no treatment for pedophiles except for incarceration and in all honesty there are so many pedophiles now we just don't have the budget. Pedophiles have no value to anyone or anything, I say put them down like the rabid dogs they are. I also don't believe pedophiles get a second kick at the can, you get caught once you get the needle not six months probation..ugh.
Children should have rights and it infuriates me that parents and adults don't care about them. There is always the lame lip service of "children are our future" blah, blah but not a peep about the insane sentences handed down by lenient courts that couldn't care less that grown men are groping children or staring at naked children in the name of art. Where are the parents? Why aren't our leaders being held to account for these ridiculous sentences?
Why? because children have no voice, no rights.
We can all agree that children shouldn't be molested but not enough of us realize pedophiles should be truly punished with their lives for the crime of hurting a child..But damn if you kill a cop! Then you're in trouble buddy... Cops know the risks of their job..What five year old knows that being a five year is damn risky?
Gosh..What the hell is happening to men?
Are pedophiles evil or are we growing them through molestation and abuse? Are pedophiles just growing their own pedophiles?
Am I right in wanting them all dead?


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