Saturday, September 23, 2006

Things I love

I love Reading. My little team that could. I know nothing about them except they play like madmen. I like that. They tied Manchester today and that is one hell of an achievement from a team that has been absent from the Premiership for so many years.....and they hadn't beat Manchester for eighty years.
That is another thing I like about football. It has such a history. I also love the outrageous songs they sing and how the fans boo Ronaldo along with me. I still hate Ronaldo, yes I do. It's a little hate though and it only shows up when I watch Manchester play.

I watched the million dollar trotter classic tonight. Brilliant race. When I first started with horses I worked for crazy, anal Germans caring for Dressage and Jumpers. Those people are awful. Mean and insane. I lasted about three months and left when I had awful impulses to stick a pitchfork in my bosses ass fifty times a day. I was scared I would just lose it and have to go to jail. I didn't want to tell my fellow inmates I was convicted of shoving a pitchfork in a Germans ass because they bitched once too many times about where the damn feed tub should be placed. That would be too embarrassing.
So I moved on to standardbreds. I loved them. They were full of personality, loving most of the time and mischievous brats the rest.
The problem was I was hired through a government training program. The program lasted three months and the government paid your wages, basically you were free labour. What I didn't know was I was the third person placed with these trainers. They were running a great scam. At the end of the three months the told the employment office "you were not a good fit" and they refused to hire you. Then they asked for another candidate. After they refused to hire me the employment office finally caught on. They were pissed. So was I.
I moved on again to thoroughbreds and there I have stayed.
I love racing and I love my horses even though they eat and eat and eat and then poop. Then they poop some more. The job is all about hauling in the food and hauling away the poop.
It's a lot like my other job; nursing..heh.
Except ofcourse horses are much less dangerous.

I am going to admit to something terrible. A bunch of Richard Pryor concerts have been on lately and well...I don't find him all that funny. I like Chris Rock and I love Dave Chappelle but Richard Pryor leaves me cold. Maybe it is a generational thing. I wasn't really old enough to appreciate the times he lived and his humour relies heavily just like Chris Rock on his personal experiences and I can't find a common thread. It disappoints me a little though. I know he is revered as a comic genius and I feel a little backward not getting the joke.
I am happy that Dave Chappelle is going to take back control of his show and start creating masterpieces again. I think I understand a little about how awful it must have felt for him to see his show sliding in a direction he hated. I respect him a lot for walking away from something he felt wasn't his real work. I am really disappointed in the people around him that tried to gaslight him because they were afraid the gravy train was going to run out.
I think that would be the scariest thing about crazy success, that the people you thought were friends would lose their minds and try to suck you dry.
I am looking forward to seeing Dave doing what he likes so I can laugh my ass off.

That is my favorite thing to do so I am going off to read mimi smartypants


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