Thursday, November 02, 2006

Dear anonymous

Okay, I got all four of your replies. You repeated yourself four times and honestly you still made no sense. If you want an argument you need to actually read what I wrote and react to it.
It's always the easy answer to say "oh, every big group has a subset of crazy people". Your point is what? That subset of fools is who I am directing my comments to. If you are feeling the heat maybe you need to have a look at what subset you belong to.
Announcing that every religion harbors an inner group of vicious nutcases is not an excuse. What it says is religion instigates insanity in a lot of people. Not a tiny subset..A few million car bombing, bomb dropping, flag waving freaks.
I don't think the US is innocent either. I don't think any country that settles it's problems by blowing people up indiscriminately is sane.
I think the US has lost it's mind but thankfully that is not my problem. I am Canadian. It's your President, not mine. It's your voting practices that have sunk you in the shit not mine.
I honestly have very little sympathy for any American right now. You voted for this government, you drank the fucking kool aid that almost every other country in the free world threw out.

So dear anonymous you may be right, I do want to get rid of every right wing, left wing religious fanatic in the world. But here in Canada it wouldn't be everyone..Just a million or so and we wouldn't miss them.
We will send the Christians to America okay? They will cheerfully vote Bush and "stay the course"..Well as long they don't actually have to you know...Fight.
The crazy Muslims can pick any country that is fanatical enough for them..There isn't any shortage.
See , I think it's about respect for your country and the people you ride the bus or the subway with. You respect their rights and they respect yours...Everybody gets to stop respecting you if you act like an asshole and start pushing your personal saviour onto them.
I don't want to know what you believe in. I want you to shut up about it and practice whatever you practice in the appropriate practicing area with other practicing people.
I want your religion to be anonymous okay?
You mind your own damn business and let me mind mine and we will all get along just fine. You start ranting about uncovered women's faces and your compulsion to rape them? Well I want you to get the fuck out of MY country.
My country is a country of fairness and relative tolerance. You keep shoving my face in your whack job religious beliefs the minute you step off the plane from whatever Islamic fundamentalist crazy town you escaped from and my response is to get you right back on to that plane.
If you choose to leave the country of your birth because you believe MY country is much better then you better take some time to understand where you are moving to. The cost of a plane ticket doesn't give you the right to spew hate and filth and threaten to blow me up.
You abandoned your own country, you deserted your own people for a better life so why do you think dragging your hate to my home is going to make us happy?
Why did you come here? Oh, suck up our resources, to steal medical care from citizens and to propagate hate.
Stay the fuck home.

If on the other hand you are leaving your home country to have a better life and to respect and to contribute to your new country? Welcome and shut up about what God you believe in..This is Canada we don't care.


At 8:35 AM, Blogger ScribScrib said...

It DOES NOT work both ways if it doesnt offend you. If you are ok with a person making jokes about white people--well then, youre ok with it. What is offensive to some may not be offensive to others. I was offended and I said so. You stated your opinion also. But to state that it goes both ways is incorrect.


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