Friday, October 27, 2006

oh fuck off

Dear Muslim cleric
If you are so fucked up you cannot see a women's face or body without immediately beating that women and raping her maybe you should kill yourself. I recommend that all Muslim men who believe that women must be fully covered because they, Muslim men will immediately rape them should commit mass suicide.
Let us put the blame squarely where it belongs . If you are a man that has no self control, If you are a man so full of evil, vile thoughts of violence and rape we don't need you. It is called thinning the herd.
Mental defects like rapists need to be removed from the world , men who literally cannot stand the sight of any uncovered women's face without rape coming first to mind are obviously mental degenerates, products of inbreeding , malnutrition and insanity.
I would think their own families should be responsible for keeping these abominations locked up at home but if they fail the normal response to such a maniac should be arrest and execution. These men are worse than rabid dogs..slobbering madly, insanity written across their face attacking women all over the world because they caught sight of that women's face.

Women are not meat and men are not cats. Well real men are not cats, if you insist that Muslim men are nothing more than animals with no self control or morals who am I to disagree with you? But the Muslim men I know, my friends maybe aren't good Muslims, maybe they aren't Muslims at all because they are nurses, responsible for bathing all kinds of women's uncovered bodies and guess what? They feel not even a tiny urge to rape.
I guess they aren't the "right" kind of Muslim for you you depraved asshole.

I also cannot believe your punishment for telling your Muslim followers that it is perfectly wonderful for Muslims to gang rape Australian girls is a three month paid vacation.
I think your punishment should be three months tied to a chair while those poor girls get to kick you in the nuts whenever their urge strikes. I mean they cannot help it right? The site of some douchebag wearing a little white Santa hat causes them to lose complete self control...Who is the cat now?
You think it is just fine to rape uncovered women? Well I think it's just fine to kick Muslim men wearing little white and red Santa hats in the nuts. Keep your eyes open there asshole.


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