Friday, December 08, 2006

I knew it couldn't last

I have had a mad run of wonderful patients and families. I am not talking about your generally pleasant completely forgettable here. I am talking about people I could have been friends with, allowed into my house to play with my dog .
Ofcourse it had to end. But why so spectacularly? Why such an asshole sir? No, really why?
I bent over backwards. I gave you whatever you needed. I was your cheerleader. I didn't smack you really hard when you called your wife a bitch and told her to shut the f up.
So why me?
I understand that being sick is scary but there is no need to act like a jerk. Why do you tell me you have no pain and then tell your son you are in agony and that "bitch" wont give me any pain medicine?. Why is the lie worth it? Does it gain sympathy? Does it give you a warm comfy feeling watching your drunk son attempt to complain but his speech is so slurred no one can understand him?
And why would you get really drunk and then come visit Dad in the ICU?

I really didn't like you at all.
You ruined my happy streak and I think that sucks.

I did love your neighbour. He was horrified by you and your family and that made me feel a little better. It's nice to know that most of our patients are pretty normal people resisting the urge to hurl obscenities.
Wow, I really have lowered my standards when all I need is the absence of the word mother fucker to affirm my belief in humanity.


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