Saturday, November 04, 2006

Didn't we already do this?

Once again I have to spend a moment talking about reading comprehension. It seems once again the peoples of the internet refuse to read the written word and instead interpret through some kind of weird speaking in tongues filter that lets them get really angry about issues near and dear to their heart.
It started out as a simple post over at Boobs,Injuries and Dr Pepper.
It was a post full of irony and sardonic wit. Mostly it was a memory of a lost friend.
If you had read it with interest and attention it would be a little sad and yes, a little funny in that awful,soul deadening familiar way.
Ofcourse a few people read it and screamed racist! I see a racist! Holy shit a real live racist in our midst..Cry for the children.....
No matter how carefully it was explained to these people they didn't get it.
Some people carry around a desperate need to be a victim wherever they go. They see everything in life in stark terms..The terms are "how offended can I get here?" Because you see they want to be offended, to be offended gives them a feeling of power when they feel powerless.
I get that for some people their skin is thin. They have suffered real racism. No one denies that racism is everywhere. No one denies that every person alive has a sliver of racism they hopefully do their best to shove in a dark cupboard.
The problem is when you begin to see racism everywhere and you begin to twitch.
That is when good people get slashed with your problem.
There is no doubt that Crystal is deeply hurt and most likely shocked as hell by some responses.
It probably does little to say hey it's not your thing..It's theirs..Because it's too late isn't it?
Some melodramatic tool over reacted and said some awful things and you can't take that kind of shit back.

I am sick to death of people reading into what other people write and assigning other people evil motives. Everyone has their own triggers, things that piss them off and ofcourse we look for them. But it isn't fair to take your obsessions and point the finger and scream death to the witch.

There is no doubt there is some scary racist shit on the internet. How about railing against that?
How about emailing the shit out of those people?
Why misread, misunderstand and then accuse an innocent party? I guess because it's easy.

I write a lot about how very much I hate extremist thought, extremist behaviour and I believe this is just another example .
Instead of emailing someone privately with their concerns some people must grab center stage for their misguided outrage.
I hate that a good writer and a good person just got the crap beat out of her by someone who didn't even read the damn post, didn't stop and put some reading comprehension skills into use but instead took what they wanted from a few words and got onto their soapbox and insulted the hell out of an innocent bystander.

It seemed so much like FoxNews .


At 6:44 PM, Blogger L>T said...

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I am having a problem with a troll named bbc & while searching through his archives I found you. Another person having trouble with him is working on Identifying who he is. Any help or info would be appreciated.


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