Saturday, January 27, 2007


I love books. All books. But sadly I suffer from a terrible attraction to Stephen King, well I used to anyway. I just read his latest. Oh Lord he really has begun to repeat himself . In fact this new book was just a rehash of Rose Madder. The theme was the same but ofcourse the theme is always the same isn't it?
I think back all the way to Carrie in the shower and it's always been the same damn story. At least back then it was fresh.
I literally cannot remember anything about the new book. It was so utterly familiar it could have been any Stephen King book.I actually had to go find the damn book so I could get the title..Lisey's story. Some goofy woman in peril ghost story where there is always a happy ending and the bad guys or things get it in the end.
I am disappointed really or maybe I can take it as a positive? Maybe I am finally too damn adult to hear the same bedtime story over and over.
Or maybe the world is already way to scary to entertain the thought of supernatural savior's waiting patiently to save us all.
King also has a cross fascination with the end of the world except his version always has noble warriors for Good stomping around making the world a better place. I think I am just too cynical to believe the idea that a bunch of red neck Americans would band together in a cheery ethnically diverse groups to reinstate civilization.
It's more likely they would band together with huge weapon caches and blow each other up over who gets the tinned fruit at Walmart.

Congratulations to Bush for managing to stagger through a speech without mangling the language too badly and keeping that ridiculous asshole smirk off his face . What is with this guys inability to wipe that stupid look off his face? Is he really mentally deficient? He actually seems retarded. I heard him trying to explain how a flex fuel works...It was as if he couldn't grasp any of it and was trying mightily to talk himself through it..Out loud..To a room filled with scientists who spend all day working on alternative fuels.

Then I sat through an interview with three seemingly normal Americans who all agreed Bush was just wonderful, smart and funny and an all round brilliant President. All I thought was wow, they aren't kidding when they say the American education system is broken. If these three think Bush is brilliant they must struggle every day with brushing their teeth.

Bush's new plan is to get a few more thousand American teenagers killed and still there are some Americans that say hey, that is a wonderful idea! I mean as long as I don't have to do
anything right?

I think it's too late for Iraq.
I am all for cut and run. Yes, America broke it but so what? Let them do what they do best..Throw money at it for a few years and then forget about it entirely.
Iraqis will either get sick of killing each other or they wont, it's not our problem that these people really enjoy killing. In fact it might be to our advantage to keep them busy whacking each other. Keeps us off the radar.


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