Friday, January 19, 2007

okay so that's tired

I am tired.Tired.
But not that kind of tired where you fall asleep instantly.The other kind where you stumble around zombie like moaning I am tired.
This is the question in my head.
If you had a need for a big surgery would you really electively schedule it over Christmas? The kind of surgery if all didn't go well you could, well, die....
Why decide that Christmas would be the perfect time?
It's not like the surgery had to be done, you have lots of time.
I answered no .
Dying at Christmas means your family gets to hate Christmas forever. I mean you can't celebrate can you?
So, why?
Take out the "we don't celebrate Christmas anyway" excuse cause these people ? They all celebrated Christmas last year.
Yeah, I don't get it.
How about waiting okay? Give your family a break.

I want to congratulate President Bush for an incredibly insightful response to the mess in Iraq.
This is what rich people do. They just keep throwing money and servants at problems. It's not their money and hell, it's not their children.What do they care?
It's interesting to me that Americans hold their own children in such low esteem. Cannon fodder? Sure, why not..It's patriotic right?
I like my kid, I am not handing mine over to some ignorant, stupid, rich white guy so he can play war. But I guess Americans think it's just fine.
After seeing the teeming masses on American Idol it does make sense. Wow, America's future sure seems really American. I think voting for Bush would come easy to most of them, just as it did for their parents.
I do have to say when Simon called that kid a "bushbaby" I cringed pretty hard. I got what he meant , lemurs have large eyes and the kid? Well he suffered from an absence of lower face so yes, his eyes in contrast did look a bit large but damn..leave the kid alone you know? It's not like he wakes up every morning and doesn't notice okay? I hate the personal shit. Comment on crap singing. Leave the fat , big eyes whatever out. These kids , hell kids..They are over twenty.These adults are already unstable enough I don't want to hear about one of them losing their mind in a post office somewhere, especially if I am in the post office.

I have no excuse or explanation for why I watch American Idol. I just do. I enjoy the recaps much more though. Jacob at TWOP does such a great job. No, I don't watch with irony.

Okay , maybe I am tired enough to pass out.


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