Friday, March 02, 2007

where does all the money go?

I really wish nursing paid as well as people think. Of course most people think we are saintly creatures that would do this job just because our hearts are overflowing with compassion. Yeah..not really true.
What is weird is I used to be poor. Salvation Army poor and I don't feel any richer despite making a few more thousand a year. It seems any time you start making any money your bills suddenly match your's magic.
I know I will never own my own home, I know I will never own a new car. I don't really care all that much but I would like to be able to stop worrying about how the hell I am going to pay for this kids future.
When I was ready to go to college my family said great but don't expect us to help. My dad helped some but my mother looked horrified at the thought of giving up a dime.
I couldn't go on as I just didn't have enough money. It took me ten years to go back and by then I was eligible for student loans( my parents combined made waaaay to much money for me to be considered for student loans, a lovely catch 22).
Of course there is nothing more fun than being hounded for repayment by the student loan Nazis.
So I don't want my kid to ever have to worry about paying for an education. I think it's my job as a parent to get my kid to adulthood with a decent enough education so they can get a good job and look after me when I get old and demanding. Also I don't want my kid living in my basement till they are thirty because their debt load is ridiculous.
So, I am making more money sure, but the bills want it all.

I guess if I had a husband that matched my income life would be easier...or maybe my bills would be ecstatic and grow like chia pets on steroids.

I really, really want to win the lottery, any lottery but I am so cheap I wont part with the money to buy a ticket.
How the hell I am going to do this without working overtime around the clock?

Well, enough of that, it will work out because it always works out.
We are relatively kind people, we deserve a break right? Right?

Wouldn't it be nice if I got a raise?

On a completely different note..good lord the Oscars were boring. I like Ellen but she is way too low key. I hate the shove the winner off the stage asap before they even get the speech started. It feels rude. They just won an Oscar and still? No respect.
I was happy to see Pans Labyrinth win a few. I loved that movie beyond reason. I am a sucker for fairy tales with a bitter cruel twist. I remember when I was little all my stories were chilling. Little children abandoned in the woods nearly eaten, vicious stepmothers everywhere.
Bambi's mother dying horribly scarred me for life. Grimm's fairy tales were my favorite so Pans Labyrinth was right up my alley. The subtitles aren't intrusive at all because the narrator does a wonderful job filling in the blanks. It's a damn sad story though so be prepared.
I didn't see any of the others. They seem so formula and boring.

Charles Grodin is still wonderfully funny.


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