Saturday, April 07, 2007

what I really,really want

Sometimes before I fall asleep I plan my dream house in my head.
It's not a McMansion monstrosity that Americans love to build. It's a simple two story red/orange brick..a century farm home. I don't want a kitchen filled with stainless steel or a bathroom covered in travertine.
I do want real hard wood floors. Dog hair is a nightmare to pick up off a carpet.
I really don't want any neighbours. Neighbours seem to be a pain in the ass. I know I should be embracing community and getting back to small time life blah, blah but people are giant assholes.
Narcissism has become cool, the personality trait groomed into these obnoxious brats. I meet people every day and I am no longer shocked by their complete selfishness. It's all about them and hell, if they have to run you off the road or scream obscenities at you that is just fine.
Narcissists can't stand to be ignored, they must create drama and chaos to validate their existence and the thought of having that kind of a neighbour makes me want to start looking for deserted islands.
I want at least a hundred acres separating me from you. It's because I know you are nosy and bored. I know you live to boss everyone around. The idea that some demented old fool can reach for a phone and complain about the colour of someones brick or moan about their lawn makes me itch.
What kind of world is it when old, fat rich people can tell the rest of us what kind of trees we can plant, what colour the shutters will be? These people are idiots with no taste. They love giant empty houses painted in baby poo brown. They have white carpets. A white carpet screams I have no life, no friends; I only care about appearances...white carpet people are sociopathic narcissists.

When did we get so out of control? When did a three bedroom, three bath, master with en suite become the holy grail? People with one child want three bedrooms and a home office. Who are you kidding? You want a computer room to watch porn in private right? We all know you are not working from home when you are a factory worker
Finished basements appear to be a must too. Why? These caves in the ground are always depressing. Worse they are always called "the man room". Filled with a cheap big screen and a lumpy couch. I shudder when I see a bedroom in the basement. I can't think of anything more depressing than being sentenced to live in the hole. Anyone who has ever rented a basement apartment knows this so why the need to dry wall the dreary basement?
Basements have a real function, they hide the furnace, electrics and plumbing. Your laundry room should live down there out of sight. Your laundry can't get depressed from deprivation of sunlight.

Thinking about houses and decorating them is depressing.
Nothing has changed in the climate war because people refuse to choose a smaller, energy efficient home. They refuse to stop buying giant cars that guzzle gas.
I have no hope that we can stop climate change because Americans refuse to change.
Americans are the most wasteful people on the planet. They value nothing and no one except themselves.
I know it's a generalization and I am sure there may exist one or two Americans that are trying to decrease their carbon footprint but the majority of Americans couldn't care less. They want gobs of cash to buy a giant house and a giant car.
A country full of narcissists not giving a shit about the planet because it's more important that they get that three bedroom, three bath, master with en suite energy guzzling McMansion payed for with a credit card.
I think it's time to start building a giant fence to keep the Americans locked in because I know the moment resources start getting a little thin they will start bombing the hell out of the neighbours and stealing their resources to feed their insatiable greed for stuff.
America has already started the third world war over resources. They will never stop bombing the hell out of everyone to meet their oil needs. What happens when the US uses all their water?
Well, they will drain as many of the great lakes as they can of course. They don't care what the effect will be on anyone else.
I see nothing good that can come from America. I think the best thing to do is isolate the US and fence them into their own country.
It's time for the world to put their foot down and tell the US to stop sucking the earth dry of resources and go home and stay there.
The US is not a leader or a role model. China has made a terrible mistake following the American lead. They are polluting and destroying their own country.
That is what the US has taught the rest of the world, be greedy, be thoughtless, kill when it suits you.
The poorest American is a millionaire in some parts of the world. They are poor only in relation to their greedy neighbours. If you have a roof and food to eat you are better off than a third of the world. The ability to buy useless stuff is the stick we use to measure success.

So my little brick house with solar and wind power is just a little a dream because no one wants to spend the money to develop the resources.
Easier to keep building ugly, charmless "open concept" homes for old people so they can show their neighbours the right way to decorate.


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