Saturday, May 12, 2007

go team!

I watched the Toronto FC by accident today and am very glad I did. Normally I avoid MLS soccer like the plague. First because they call it soccer which makes me cringe and second they are generally awful. But Toronto played like a real team, as if they were playing a football match. I liked the fights and the goals and the fans.
Football lives and dies by it's fans and I can say the Toronto fans rocked it. They sang, they booed, they stomped and screamed. They brought banners and flags and confetti. I do think the promo seat covers made wonderful projectiles. I especially enjoyed the strategic Frisbee assaults.
I don't think they will be planning that promo again any time soon. Good thing they were soft.
So, Toronto finally scored some goals and won a game. I hope they can keep it up.

Now to reveal something deeply personal and tragic.

I have a pounding sinus headache.
Why is it when you cross the 40 border you start having bizarre afflictions?
I have never had a moments difficulty with my sinus cavities. They have been as far as I know very well behaved so I am stumped over their recent behaviour.
I don't snort anything, I keep a clean house so what the hell?
Here ends the revelation.

Titillating right?


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