Thursday, June 28, 2007

oh hell

Paris? Is anyone watching her? Really?
It's a serious question. Why?

I get that it's human nature to stop and stare at a car wreck but even the worst of us clicks awake and moves on.
Why are we all collectively staring at this forever?

I blame the loss of manners in the Western world.
Once upon a time our parents taught us to sit quietly, speak when spoken to, don't make a fuss, respect other people by not staring at them or breaking their stuff, stealing is wrong........all the basics that keep society running.
Somehow we , the collective we, have chucked the rules and embraced grossness.
It seems every time I get on an elevator someone has farted, public bathrooms are shrines to piss on the floor and a turd hanging over the bowl. No one washes their hands anymore.
Little old ladies will cheerfully call you a fucking bitch if you don't get the mall door open fast enough.
Please and thank you have become so rare I get a double take and an embarrassed smile.

I am no paragon of politeness but holy shit I know enough to stop fucking STARING at a car wreck.

Find your damn manners and start ignoring the fuck ups of other people. Surprise! they are human , now stop it already and move your damn car.


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