Friday, May 25, 2007

American =moron

Scott Adams of Dilbert fame is a moron. This idiot cannot decide if global warming is"real".
He is struggling to decide if it is caused by people or wait for it..the fucking sun.
Now, over time I have come to the realization that this guy is full of shit and arrogance and never hides his frat boy humour but I thought he was marginally intelligent. It never occurred to me that Adams was functionally retarded.
Then I went aha! he is American. Only an American is still struggling with the idea that humans eat a lot of crap that requires massive processing plants that spew smog which actually affects the environment. I guess he never noticed that thick layer of smog over every city.
Only an American can think having millions of cars farting out pollution is harmless.

Let us all spell it out for Scott Adams in terms he can understand.
People, all people are parasites. Parasites are bad. Parasites live off someone else's body. Parasites eat all the good food and leave nothing for their host. Parasites expel their shit all over the host without care. Parasites are stupid. They never think "oh, what if I kill my host?".
Parasites don't care about the damage they do.
Humans are parasites, their host is the Earth.

The Earth has a trick up it's doesn't care if all the human parasites die either.

So, Scott how about doing a little research on something important? Research on how not to be an arrogant, misogynistic frat boy laughing at boobie jokes.
Once you learn how not to be an insufferable prick you can learn what you can do to stop taking a crap all over the only host available to you.
Recycle your garbage, change your light bulbs, turn the lights out when you leave a room. Buy a newer car. You don't have to go nuts and get a hybrid but buy a car with excellent gas mileage and maintain it. Buy local food..local means your food doesn't require trucking long distances.
Offer fair trade products.Buy groceries that don't have three layers of packaging.
Try to limit your flying, airplanes use massive amounts of carbon based fuel.
If you have some extra money get a solar panel set up. Plant a damn tree. Join a local group that does green space clean ups.
I know you wont do any of these things because you don't care about anyone but yourself but the rest of us? We are doing our part. We have a plan.

You want to see global warming ? Open your damn eyes and look around..oh right you're an American..your view stops at your own damn border.

Americans are the biggest polluters on the planet, the most vicious aggressors, the most corrupt and the most narcissistic. Of course none of you can admit to global warming. That would mean accepting responsibility . As George Bush has shown accepting responsibility for failure is never, ever done.

It is my greatest hope that America gets hurt the worst by global warming.
Karma is a bitch and if anyone had it coming it is America.

Keep your heads in the sand. When you are all bitching about flooding, hurricanes, tornado's and miserable heat remember that fence you are building to lock yourself in.
Remember that you have no friends any where and no one gives a rats ass.

Why am I so surprised? I should have known that anyone that popular and has that much money by drawing a cartoon would be an idiot.
The problem is people read what that idiot writes and feel all warm and fuzzy and reassured once again they aren't doing anything wrong at all.

I wish we could scrape the shit that is America off our shoes...that would solve our climate change problems instantly.


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