Saturday, January 19, 2008

my love goes on and on

For Russell Crowe. Oh, shut it, I can hear the groaning. Just had a chance to see 3:10 to Yuma and it wasn't just great it was a fine movie. Westerns are hard to make well and usually I only trust Clint Eastwood to do them but I should never have doubted Russell. Yes, I know he threw a phone at a guy but you know what? some people need a phone to the forehead sometimes.
Crowe is a nice family man. His parents and his siblings all live with him. He just doesn't take any shit from anyone and that includes asshole hotel clerks.
We should have saluted the throwing of the phone, hell, he did what all of us have wanted to do at least once to some officious little asshole intent on making our lives difficult and ugly for no other reason but to make themselves feel important.

I have been surrounded by people lately that wouldn't suffer the loss of one IQ point if they were beaten briskly about the head with two phones.
When did we all just bend over for the never ending "push one for..."??????

If we were really the macho, independent free thinkers we all think we are we would have refused to deal with any company that tortures it customers in such a sadistic way.

Have you ever got an electric bill so high it made you gag? Have you ever called the electric company to ask for more time because it's just too damn cold for prostitution and a full time office job? Have you ever had to talk to the condescending bitch who has never had a moments trouble paying any bills because either she still lives at home or her husband pays them for her?
Would it be okay if I hit her with a phone just once?


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