Friday, December 14, 2007

what you should be watching

Pushing Daisies.
It's the only thing on network television worth watching. It's original, it's breathtakingly beautiful and I don't know any of the actors. Because I have no idea who these people are I can happily believe they are who they say they are.
watch it or I will come to your home.

I am a hater of Christmas. I hate going shopping. I hate buying stupid crap no one will ever use. So I give out gift cards. I get gift cards from the bookstore, the liquor store and the computer store. I think you have the right to buy your own crap you may never use.
Some people think gift cards are impolite and to those people I say..shut up and stop being such greedy pigs. Anyone who has the audacity to complain about receiving a present needs a beating.
I don't care if it's a crappy present you never's a present you selfish, thoughtless jerk.

To Miss Manners and her greedy crew
Because you are so obsessed with getting you think you have the right to judge the value and motives behind the gifts you receive. This tells the world you are a shameless gift whore and the only punishment for that is NO PRESENTS FOR YOU. I think if you get nothing for Christmas maybe the next time someone buys you anything you will be appreciative and deeply thankful. If you get a gift card you will say thank you and buy something you wanted. Then you will take a picture of that purchase and you will send it with your thank you card..wont you?

Christmas really brings out the worst in some people. heh


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