Thursday, December 06, 2007


What do you do when your kid grows up and leaves home? I am baffled by the transition. All I can think is this kid can't remember to do laundry or pick clothes off the floor, has no idea where money comes from...has never paid a bill..ever.
I have tried to teach this. Over and over. Through example and threats and yelling. Somehow it's all bounced off.
I don't want to be faced with a thousand dollar VISA bill and unpaid rent. I don't want to be responsible anymore.
As a parent do you ever get to be free of fixing disasters? Is there a certain birthday they reach and voila! it's no longer your problem?
Probably not.

Honestly, my kid is a good one, with good intentions. Just a little blind to reality. Willfully, stubbornly blind.

There is a lull in the cold war here at home as the renovations are nearing an end. I have no excuse for taking on a project I knew was too finicky to ever be completed without bloodshed. I must have been drunk when I agreed to it. I blame every home reno show I have ever watched. Especially Mike Holmes. He makes it all look so damn easy. The joys of editing out all the fuckups. There is never a moment when Mike gets silicone all over the floor, toilet and some in his eye is there? Mike doesn't break the corners off drywall and then curse for an hour. Maybe he does but we never get to see it.
How about running out of paint halfway through and then buying what you thought was the same damn white but the new "white" is really more buttery then the stuff already on the wall and now the room is two tone and holy shit here comes the cursing again.
How about sanding down the grout only to discover grout should never be sanded because the dust gives you cancer?
I knew this reno was going to kill me and now I know how.


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