Saturday, November 03, 2007

here I sit

The worlds worst typist at her brand new (to me) massive desk...for freeeeee! heh.
Well in the world of free stuff from craigslist the flow has dried up. There is still lots of free stuff don't get me wrong.It's just I already have what they are giving away. I am pretty happy with it too.
So Bush vetoed the health care bill and now he has vetoed the water bill. Strange that the only legislation this guy allows through are bills directly related to his own very personal war.
Sad that the senate and the congress are all gutless assholes. Doesn't it just warm the hearts of all of us to know your next President will be one of those gutless assholes.
I do have to say thank you to the US. Your massive debt, your idiotic credit system and it's subsequent collapse have all created a wonderfully strong Canadian dollar. You can now thank Canada for coming over the border and buying shit. In three months time when all our prices equalize you wont even have that anymore. I suggest you mention that crushing debt next time you see a candidate kissing babies.
You may also mention that Canada, your largest trading partner, has found lots of new friends to play and trade with. What happens to the US when it's largest trading partner decides it can get a better deal with much more honest people somewhere else? It's dollar collapses. The world cashes in it's US bonds.
To attack a country you don't have to throw bombs at it you know. Sometimes it's much smarter to just stop playing with them.
It's just like highschool!
Something George Bush missed being drunk off his ass between cheerleader practices.


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