Monday, December 24, 2007


So far I have been really supportive of the writers strike. But, not so much today. I am a member of a union and I understand a union has only one power. Solidarity. That means all members must commit to the job action. If you go on strike that means no one with no exceptions can go to work.
I have been seeing over and over the writers union playing with waivers.
How can you be on strike and then say "oh, no, it's okay..we like you so you go ahead and write that is your waiver ".
There are no waivers when you are on strike. The moment management sees you willing to go back to work they can laugh in your face and settle in for a good long wait. Why? because eventually you will hand out enough waivers they can go to court and say we don't have to offer a new contract..these fools are working right now at the old contract level, by choice.
You will have cut your own throat.
Solidarity means it would never cross your mind to ask for a waiver because you know that by doing this you are making a huge statement about your lack of commitment to a new contract.

I expect the writers union to cave under the pressure within six weeks because a quarter of their membership couldn't care less about the rest.

Merry Christmas! Hope Santa got you want you wanted or at the very least got you a gift card from the store where you can buy it.


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