Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I usually like the sound of rain but tonight it just makes me feel sad. As if this winter is never going to end and the sun will never reappear. I think I need to stop watching movies about the war. In Canada we have no tradition for making movies about the wars we have fought. I rely on American movies and I guess it just doesn't cut it for me.
I am a supporter of the war in Afghanistan. I support the work we are doing. I understand that it is sometimes brutal, fatal work but in my heart I believe the Afghani people are worth it. And that is who we are fighting for. Not some bullshit war on terrorism, not spreading democracy ..just a war to stop a group of people intent on enslaving the minds and bodies of their parents, their friends, their lovers. I think we are there to allow regular people to finally take a deep breath and find their bearings once again. To return to being people.
I don't believe we can fix Afghanistan or make it perfect and safe. That is what the Afghanis themselves have to choose. I guess we are there so they can make that choice.
They can see the new roads, the clinics, the schools. They can see new industry and the potential for jobs. All we can do is build the potential and hold our breath and hope they choose it.
This takes time. It's hard to stop fighting when fighting is all you have ever known. Fighting gives you power and power is a hard thing to give away.
I don't want any more Canadians to die or be hurt. I want the Afghani people to protect them. To embrace them and keep them safe. We have given them to you as a gift. Why can't you love them like we do?

Be safe.


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