Friday, February 01, 2008

thinking about stuff

I have an unusually compassionate little cat. She is spending a lot of her time lately cuddling our old dog. She seems to understand that he needs some company and offers it up. It's just a little weird to see. He is a really big old hound and she is a very, very small cat.

I watched the debate last night. I like Hilary. For a long time I didn't. If you asked me why I probably wouldn't have been able to tell you. I do think a small part of my dislike back then was because she wouldn't admit that her husband was a bastard out loud. I think if Hilary could have just said it we all could have shed that weird uncomfortable, elephant in the room feeling.
I guess I felt angry on her behalf and then felt stupid for it because she didn't seem to be all that bothered. It's really unsettling to throw your foot over your high-horse only to find out your damsel in distress couldn't give a shit either way. I mean was it patronizing to feel sympathy and anger? She is after all a modern woman able to stand and fight her own battles.
I guess that's why she picked up that "cold" adjective. I think we wanted her to throw herself into our laps sobbing so we could pat her gently on the head and rub her back and tell her to divorce the bastard. She refused and we felt slighted in some weird way.
It's sexist and conformist and all the other ists after that but it's the truth.
That was a small piece of it and the rest? I can't quite figure it out in my own head.
Now? I like her. I like her laugh. Her face does this thing right before she laughs and then she lets go and it makes me laugh. Somehow she seems to be getting lighter, freer as this contest continues. I feel like she finally knows herself and in figuring that out she has stopped worrying about the nitpickers, backbiters and bitches.
I don't have a clue if she would be the best President, I am Canadian but I do think she would be a good friend. And maybe in knowing that she can be considered trustworthy enough to look out for people who don't have one.
Obama, on the other hand has struck me just very recently as too stagey. In the beginning he had such a true voice. His voice reflected his interest, his passion but now he sounds like an amateur actor reading the teleprompter, not entirely convinced with the plot. I think it's all got away from him somehow. This thing has become too large, too far from his control and he has lost his conviction in the story being told. I watch his eyes when he speaks and they have gone blank. This is a speech he has memorized so well his brain has checked out.
I think he would have been so much better off without the Kennedy endorsements. That is one crown that does weigh too heavily on anyones head and he is too new to this game to be shouldered with carrying that boulder. Being anointed by the Kennedy's is not going to be helpful against McCain or any Republican.
I wish they has stayed home and left the candidates alone.
Obama may certainly be Presidential but there is something missing suddenly.........does he really have the stuff for the fight ahead? Hilary has tested him. Bill has tested him and he didn't fare that well.He got a little whiny, a little petulant or as one of the pundits said a little too little lord fauntelroy. If he cannot recover quickly from jabs from allies how can he battle a Republican who will literally stop at nothing to slander and defame?
I worry he doesn't have the stomach for a real fight.
Hilary on the other hand? That one cannot wait for the first round.


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