Friday, February 08, 2008

child abuse

I read Violent Acres and I like her. I don't find her crass or brash at all so maybe that tells you a little about me. She writes occasionally about the abuse she suffered at the hands of her mother and for me that strikes a chord. I will do what V has asked and talk a little about the abuse I survived.
My mother never raised a hand against me, nor my father. My mother did allow very bad things to happen at the hands of other people. My mother was/is mentally ill. Well, that was the story we all told each other anyway. When I look back I now know her depression was really a prolonged temper tantrum because she was forced to be responsible for her children. Every time the latest boyfriend quit she would declare she was depressed and get herself admitted to hospital for a rest. Some of her other "rests" lasted over three months and on more than one occasion a trip to Montreal, Mexico, Florida and BC. . As her children we got dumped on whomever was available and willing. Sometimes my father, usually my grandparents.
My grandfather was a violent alcoholic who made a child's life terrifying. My father was emotionally absent and sometimes physically absent..the kind of guy to leave a bag of donuts and the tv on for a couple of five year olds while he went out with his twenty year old girlfriend.
Sometimes we got left with a child molester or as my mother described him our uncle.
Because my parents were completely self absorbed and deep into the sixties free love find yourself mentality they had no real interest in raising children. They actually believed that a group of strangers as daycare was a good idea.
I happily can say my father grew up , took control and repaired a lot of the damage that was done to us. He has always been genuinely sorry about his behaviour back then and he has worked hard to make amends.
My mother has never bothered. She clings to her mentally ill excuse to escape any responsibility. In fact she believes we as children caused her problems and she has said more than once that she should have aborted us. I dropped my mother from my life many, many years ago. She will still try to guilt trip via long distance...she worries that she wont have enough money to support herself comfortably. She thinks her children should send her money and she isn't shy about asking.
The last time she tried this I sent her itemized bill for the trauma I suffered as a child. I asked for a hundred thousand dollars a year for ten years. I haven't heard anything back yet.

So that's my part in shining a light on abuse. Abuse doesn't always mean getting hit, negligence is also abuse.Though our molester is responsible for the acts he perpetrated my mother is equally responsible because she created the opportunity he needed.
No one should be ashamed because they were a victim. Abusers need to feel that shame not us. We also need to pull our heads from your asses every once in awhile and check out the kids around us. Are they doing okay or do they look like they are getting their asses kicked? Maybe we need to step in and help that kid anyway we can.

I read about the tornadoes and wow, anybody still believe that climate change thing is bs? I mean other than the mouth breathers that think the earth is flat and evolution is just impossible.
I have never had the experience myself but we have had a few run through close by. Just the warnings scare the crap out of me. So I honestly hope those that are grieving have something miraculous and wonderful happen for them in the future. They deserve it. There has to be some kind of karmic debt that must be repaid to these people for their suffering and loss. The question why must reverberate in their minds day and night.

On to that crazy woman on The View, no not the one who said the earth was flat, the "Republican" now supporting McCain. She went on and on and on about this stimulus package and about how the US just really couldn't afford to include veterans...ha,ha, ha, ha..holy crap. These people are amazing. Talking about this terrible deficit as if it just suddenly showed up without reason or introduction. Then explaining how only a Republican can solve this pesky problem. This is the same fool that has canonized Bush, a man that can do no wrong. She honestly believes it was those Democrat spending fools that created the deficit, the cost of the war had nothing to do with it. Why is she allowed to speak? Isn't there some law that prevents the uninformed from spreading lies? Right, of course not. If there was Bush would have been dragged off in hand cuffs in the first ten minutes of his presidency.

I still don't like Obama. This guy is hiding something. It ain't about women, drugs or corruption either. He's hiding who he is and I don't like it. Those eyes aren't agreeing with the words at all. Why can't anyone else see this? It's starting to make me irritated. Dude, look in a mirror okay? Watch what your eyes express when you are smiling or when you aren't. Shake off that slightly condescending gaze, middle income adult women don't like it. How about you look at all of us the same way you look at Oprah? Just try it okay? Then maybe we can be friends.

Canada is having an issue with NATO right now. For those of you that don't know we are responsible for most of the fighting and all of the leading in the war in Afghanistan. You Americans remember that one right? You know, the guys responsible for 9/11. Or as the Canadian and American soldiers call it "the forgotten front on terror".
We gave NATO an ultimatum . Canadians have had enough of our young ones dying there and we think it's time you share the load. So far only the French have offered to start doing their part.
I think that if the rest of you lazy bastards don't step up we should just boot your sorry ass right out of NATO. The deal was we were supposed to support each other against any global threats. Trust that Europe will just stand back and let someone else die on their behalf. It's always been that way right? Well, we are having a vote next week. We may decide to say " hey Europe, welcome to the Taliban, they are your problem" and we will pick up our shit and go home.

If all of Europe doesn't step up in the next week I think it's time we walk away. Our soldiers are too damn valuable to allow them to continue to be abused by Europe's cowardice and laziness.
We have no obligations to those who refuse to support us. The Afghani army is more support than NATO for goodness sake.

Is any country going to step in and help Kenya? How about Chad? More deafening silence from the International very shocking.
Man, that China is really doing their part to stop genocide in Africa eh? Oh, right..China spends billions encouraging genocide so they can then violate the environment and poison the people while stealing their natural resources.
Can't wait for the day they become the biggest economic super power in the world. I mean what's the worst that could happen? Lead in your toys, poison pet food.........


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