Wednesday, February 27, 2008

oh blogger

What the hell is wrong with you? Why wont you let me sign in? Why do I have to keep trying over and over and over until I want to have you beaten?
So I wandered over to boobsinjuriesanddrpepper .
I discovered that blogger has captured another victim. I have great sympathy for funny people. Most of that humour comes from awful pain and if you know only a little of Crystals history you would understand immediately why she needs an occasional mental health break. A pity her bastard of an ex husband couldn't suffer for her cause that dude needs to suffer for what he did to her and his own son.
I hope she feels a little stronger soon.
I don't agree with her only letting bits and pieces of those skeletons out, of course she doesn't need to write about them on the internet but she does need to throw them right out there all the way. There is no purpose in holding the bad shit in like a secret. Secrets are what makes us crazy in the first place.

I watched the movie The Kingdom and felt such a wave of sadness. This is the home of hate and instead of slapping that face for what it has done the world pretended Iraq and Afghanistan were the culprits. Too afraid to piss off the great gods of oil but not too afraid to murder a few thousand Iraqis out of impotent frustration.
I believe that is what the Iraq war is all about. George Bush's impotence. He knew he couldn't launch all out war against his friends the Saudis. They knew it too. So he blew the shit out of Baghdad because he is a spoiled rotten little brat that when crossed resorts immediately to violence . I guess it was just a little something Barbara taught him. I mean she is not one to avoid a tantrum either is she?

The world is standing at the precipice, will Obama really be the guy to pull us off the edge? Or will he be the guy that gives us the shove all the way over into the quagmire?
I do not trust this guy at all. He seems like the cat that ate the canary and I want to know why. But he is still better than the ancient war loving John McCain. The man that wants to fight Vietnam over and over and over again. He is the true definition of insanity..doing the same damn thing expecting a different result again and again.


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