Friday, March 14, 2008

heading for a ditch

Do you have any obligation to tell someone when their behaviour has crossed a line? I mean anyone... family,friend or complete stranger. I guess it really doesn't matter who it is when you have already decided where the line is and who crossed it does it?
I guess what I wonder is when did we all begin to think so individually and when did we all collectively decide it is was perfectly okay for us to start imposing that on other people?
It used to be the church/government of your choice made the rules and you followed them and made a point to make your kids follow them too without really feeling the need to demand that everybody else in the Walmart had to too.
When did this change?
I guess the internet has changed too. Used to be a pretty basic set of rules to follow but now it seems those rules just didn't have the necessary scope and depth to make everyone happy.
And when did individual happiness become so mandatory it became the responsibility of random strangers?

This is what I read all the time; some modestly literate "humour" essayist writes something that some people react to with an almost visceral horror and promptly three other groups emerge to demand that everyone play by MY rules damn it.
First we have the visceral horror people gasping and choking, then the opposite side shows up, contemptuous and condescending , then the let's all just get along crew steps in quickly followed by some preteen dork group making fun of everyone and embarrassing himself with the significant lack of quality in his dick jokes. Okay, so the last group isn't a group really.
But what's more important or interesting is when did we all lose our social inhibitions?
It's no longer the province of the web to confront and condescend. It is everywhere now and what I want to know is when did it happen and have we reached a critical mass yet and will we soon see real live people beating the crap out of each other over the relevance of mommy bloggers?
Yes, I thought Violent Acres went a little far and may have had a small sip of the kool aid but am I ready to challenge her to a duel? If I saw her on the street would I stop the car to argue her point? No.
I am trying to find my way back to the simple rules. Don't spam anybody and if you don't like something move the fuck on and stop being a pussy .
I find it's best to keep it simple as I get older.


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