Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Deal or

No deal? c'mon,c'mon..deal or no deal?
I think I love this show. It is so awful you cannot look away. It's a potential car crash with a body flying out the windshield.
If you haven't seen it the premise is wickedly simple. You pick a numbered suitcase, potentially a million dollars could be in that suitcase but you can't find out until you open a whole bunch of other suitcases with money amounts inside. Each time you open a suitcase that amount gets taken off the board. After each round a weird man in a booth ominously calling himself "the banker" tries to buy your suitcase.
If you have been lucky and picked the suitcases well with lower dollar amounts stripped from the board your bribe from the banker goes higher and higher. If you have crap luck and every suitcase you pick had huge amounts hidden inside? well the banker doesn't offer you much.
So the thing that is imperative in this game is overwhelming GREED.

The game offers you a hundred thousand,two hundred thousand, five hundred thousand or a million or five bucks or even worse a penny. It's a brutal odds game that no one except the most nongreedy can win. You have to be willing to lose to be able to win. Hilariously greed just overwhelms the brains of normal working people.
If I had walked up to them on the street and offered them ten thousand dollars they would have grabbed it and ran but when an imaginary million dollars gets added to the mix? They will refuse the same ten thousand....GREED wills out.
So the best part is they get to have their friends and family sitting right there, Wives begging for them to stop and take the money and fathers in law telling them to go for it. So what happens when dear old father in law is wrong? What if his exuberance leads to the loss of a few hundred thousand? man I wouldn't want to be in the car on the way home.
Tonight Donald Trump was the financial advisor..Trump..Mr Bankruptcy himself. Even he finally said Deal, take the money and the guy did. I think it was more the sick look on his wife's face that settled the argument though. She looked like divorce was a real possibility if he kept pressing his luck.
So , the guys lack of greed made him a winner. The next contestant showed every sign of being the complete opposite..she was there for the million so we all knew she was going to lose and badly.We won't know until tomorrow and I am going to be there to see. I love watching human nature in action.

Over at Dooce she was talking about some idiots rantings about how just terribly awful it is when educated women stay home to raise their children. What the hell is wrong with women? Why are they such complete assholes? It is only women that spend so much time bitching about other women. It's just gossip and bullshit, what some women excel at.I know this because I am a woman and I went to highschool. This author and I use the term very damn loosely is one of those women..we all know them. Unhappy about the state of their life and looking for someone to blame. Ofcourse it's those damn women who stay home and raise their children so they don't end up behaving like wolves that are to blame. Raising children yourself is bad you should hire some 0ther woman to raise your children..hopefully an illegal immigrant you can pay slave wages for right? Go to hell you nasty woman.
Some of us get to stay home,some of us can't.We ALL want to be home with our children but sometimes our kids need us to make enough money so they can wear clothes and eat food.
If you don't need the money and want to work? Do it. Drop the guilt and go and work okay? I promise not to care as long as your children aren't wandering unsupervised outside with no shoes in January.
No one cares anymore whether women stay home or go to work. It was a nineties issue for insecure women. Get over it already. No one cares about this anymore except Linda Hirshman and she is only pretending to care because she finally finished the crap book she started when the subject was actually relevant.

Why is it that when I was a kid every mom I knew had a job? No one made it a big deal..moms worked sometimes and sometimes they didn't..no teeth gnashing and wailing about guilt and all that bs. The moment some woman announced that work was a luxury, meaning you had no need for that money the "guilt" crap started. Why? it's insulting that a job gets this much attention..people are starving,wars are raging and all women can do is moan about each others luxurious choices.

I did both when I could and enjoyed both as much as possible.No guilt. Any woman that bitches about another womans choices is setting back the womens movement a thousand years. The whole damn thing was meant to make the world a place where women had choices dumbass..way to completely miss the point.

If you have a moment wander over to Way out Auctions.com..they have a 28cm anatomically correct penis for auction to practice putting on a condom!
Or you can spend some of your hard earned cash to hang out with complete strangers or even better bid on a twenty year old lucky chicken leg named "Ole Dusty".
I think that some people have way too much free time and scary imaginations. Maybe it's because their moms stayed home to raise them instead of working right Linda?

Tomorrow is the annual pilgrimage to the doctor to beg for prescriptions, I cannot explain how much I hate going to the doctor and allowing the probing and prodding and the complete lack of interest. I feel like a old dog up for adoption, all grin and wagging tail ... pay attention to me, to me!!! Sigh..Whatever.


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