Thursday, February 23, 2006

Oh Canada

Oh hell we lost the hockey game. I think I may have already mentioned that the only organized sport I can stand is English soccer but I do still feel some sympathy for our rabid fans.
I have sympathy for our players because they are young and wanted so much to do well.
I have no sympathy with this garment rending teeth gnashing blame shit. The Olympics are GAMES dammit. These kids are supposed to be having fun.Instead they are getting the crap beaten out of them in the press and commentators spend all their time talking about "can they overcome the pressure".The only pressure they should be feeling is the pressure they feel to do the best they can, learn new cool things and have a great time meeting great people.
This is why the snowboarders are the only real Olympians there. They don't care if you want to sponsor them and wrap them in Nike swooshes, they are going to be snowboarders whether or not anyone is watching.Because it's FUN.

Too much of the evil pontificating I know but damn..the Olympics are feeling so desperate this year especially those figure skaters. Jaws clenched,fake smiles in place..that painful sigh of relief at the end..where the hell is the JOY?

This must be the worst American Idol ever. Those guys can't sing either and long,soulful fake sexy looks into the camera are just skeevy. Once again Simon was right.I think Paula is smoking pot for her chronic pain because all that talk of "you make me beam" and the like seemed hilariously incoherent. I did like Seacrest finally getting a little pissed off and honestly asking these idiots for some actual musical criticism. Why he was asking these three seemed bizarre because they picked this group of caterwalllers.

I am exhausted today after a good work day. I had the joy of caring for a patient and his family who were deeply pleased with the changes his surgery has created. Their appreciation for socialized medicine and being citizens of a country that says health care is your right and a priveledge was wonderful. I rarely get patients that understand that socialized medicine is a priveledge. Abusing this system creates waves that backflow onto the truly needy. Everytime you go to an emergency room with something any walk in clinic could handle sucks precious resources away from someone who needs that care. If you have to wade through fifty patients who really have no business being there to get to the one patient who does that poor patient could have been waiting for hours.
I think people should really stop and think about why they use the emergency room. Are you there because you don't have a family doctor? Then use the forty billion walk in clinics on every corner.
If you have a cold and want drugs for congestion try your pharmacist. I think a lot of people just want a doctors note and they don't get that a walk in doc will give the same note.

I don't want to scare people off using the ER. If you are feeling really sick and it has you scared..go but only if you tried the walk in clinic first. Most clinics are open til eight at night, the wait is much shorter, most of the time docs who staff walk in clinics staff Er's..the quality is there. So from eight am til eight pm you have clinics..use them and listen to what the doc says. The doc will tell you if you need ER services.
If you are bleeding you need the ER, if you think you broke something you need the Er...chest pain,shortness of breath,speech problems, dizziness all that stuff you need the ER...have a bad cold? you may need a doctor but you don't need an emergency room.

Try to think of your emergency room as a resource like gasoline..the more you use it the less will be available and the more expensive it will think before you just default to the Er..look in your telephone book under clinics you will be shocked at how many there are all around you.
When you really need us hopefully we wont have to pick you out of crowd of "I have a cold,I have constipation,I hurt my arm six weeks ago, I cut my hand two weeks ago.."
I have a million stories of people showing up at three o'clock in the morning complaining about a pulled muscle from a month ago..What makes this an EMERGENCY?


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