Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I just became irrationally irritated while reading some of my favorite blogs. I stopped to think about why and it hit me.It's because I just found out they were "popular". I had thought they were my secret, my find and they aren't. Someone , hell thousands of someone's have been reading my favorites for years.
It's weird reading someone else's blog.Reading about the goofier parts of their lives or sadly when bad things happen and they struggle.It's nice to hear that other people are facing some of the same issues you are.I like to read blogs that show that their writers are handling new scary stuff with humour.
I wish I was funnier.I can be in real life but my writing is still too basic to try it. Sometimes I think we are inadvertently funny, when we get too pretentious, when we get overwrought and the whining is too loud. I can imagine someone giggling and thinking "oh man, get a grip". I know I do when I come across a blog that is all about the crazy girlfriend burning stuff on the front lawn. I once followed a set of links that brought me to a livejournal full of the most bizarre breakup fights I had ever heard. First it was funny but after awhile I got a little freaked out when the orders of protection started flying. All over an old couch and "kitchen set".It was so Judge Judy.
Some blogs are just wrong.They reveal too much about a person and their real life.The writer has no censor button and all I can think is you are so going to regret all those pictures and essays on how I hate my mother,father..family dog. What is weird is usually these people are adults. Teenagers seem to have a better sense of self protection,survival than some of these twenty two year olds with "arty" nude pictures of themselves on flickr. I guess everyone has the right to self expression but man..how about not printing your home address on your business card?

American Idol, it left me cold. Not one of these girls could sing. it was all about hiding the fact that these girls couldn't sing. Weird clothes, loud, loud backup singers,weird dancing whatever it took.
I hate the fact that I agree completely with Simon Cowell, I don't agree with the fat jokes but I agree with the sentiment. The music business is about how you look. No one cares if you can sing..see Britney Spears,Jessica and her lip synching sister Simpson, half the rock bands that exist right now...can Mick Jagger really sing? Let"s be honest here. So cowell is right. Little tweens don't buy records from singers, they buy the records of the girl they want to be.
So these girls really can't sing so we need to look for the "Britney" factor..and I couldn't see it. The youngest of the girls seem over rehearsed and they aren't sexy. I think American Idol is about selling records. The only way anyone can say they were successful is to point at record sales and longevity. Kelly Clarkson is it. She has the sex appeal, the false "innocence" and the pop singing voice, she was cleverly marketed and manufactured but not by American Idol.It wasn't until she separated herself from Idol that she made it.
I think Idol has become tired and pageant. They all sing and dance and perform like a bad fifties beach party movie. It's just too manufactured. I will wait and listen to the guys but I think the show is burned out.

I have to struggle through The Shipping News written by the same lady that brought us gay cowboys. I don't like reading books after having watched two separate movie versions of the same book. The movie(s) sucked. The Canadian version was a little less suck, the American version had Kevin Spacey. I loved Spacey after The Usual Suspects, even American Beauty but the relentless gossip about his sex life and the weird cell phone /gay trolling incident? and his love for musicals has destroyed his credibility for me. Unfair? Probably ,but that is the way my brain works. I will be watching him being all drama and dead serious and all I am thinking is why did he give some kid in a park at 2am his cellphone? What is unfair is that only happens with certain actors. Other actors get off scot free and their offences are likely much worse. I can't help it.

I must admit that I have no interest in the Brad and Angelina thing.I know I should just throw out my television and become a hermit. But they don't do a thing for me. I liked brad pitt just once,when he played a great stoner in True Romance a truly underrated early Tarantino.
I saw Angelina in Gia.She was fine. I get that they are both good looking and are having the uber pretty Hollywood baby but so what? I like that Jolie is trying to make a statement about third world poverty, I think that is what the world should be focusing on..instead they all want pictures of her "bump"And what cretin started the "bump" thing? When did the very sight of a pregnancy mean news?

I wish I could understand where the world was going in it's news collection.It seems news has become the "human Interest" story.It's all about one person or one family..a world perspective is missing. I think the media continuously underestimates the intelligence of the viewer.As if we wouldn't be able to understand budget cuts or health care cuts without basic illustrations and a courageous family that colourfully demonstrates the effects of said changes. It all" let's look at the Smiths:", they are living in a trailer without health care..do you get it ? Yes, we got it when you said they were cutting budgets....but hey! what happened to the Smiths? They are never heard from again. It's why I hate Oprah, she invades peoples privacy and exposes their suffering and then walks away. What did those families of katrina get? Did Anderson give them a check for being the hapless characters in his story?. Ofcourse not..because it's "news". Did Oprah find those battered old women using buckets for bathrooms and change their lives?
No, she left them there, humiliated on national television told that 'we are telling your story" "we are doing you a big favour",don't you dare ask for money after being exploited for my agenda. It sucks.
To go to these places and do nothing to help but take pictures of their grief is exploitation.
Oprah should give every dime she makes on these stories to the victims. She has so far made four that I know of...That should be at least four million dollars.
Pony up Oprah.


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