Monday, February 20, 2006

On writing

How I do love pretension. I remember reading Stephen Kings book "On writing" and thinking oh please. Don't get me wrong for many,many years I loved King until he introduced himself as a character in his last series. Then I shuddered and said ick. I just finished reading a blog involved in Grand Rounds a web medical community and this writer urged people to not write every day. I disagree. Oh no here comes the pontification but I can't help it okay? I think you should write every day. I think it makes you a better writer. I think the difference is when you start writing for an audience and try to satisfy their needs and all you are thinking is " am I being witty?" "am I useful?" I write for myself, to say out loud so to speak about the issues that bother or hurt me.
When these issues are down on paper,so I can read them again and again. I can think about them.I can think of solutions or explanations for my feelings. Or sometimes laugh about my own pretension.

Hopefully I can educate or expose but mostly I want these thoughts written down..pinned down so they can't squirm away. I want to dissect them and give them labels.

I watched Greys Anatomy tonight and came to the sad realization that I don't like it anymore.
I don't like the nonlove story between Meredith and McDreamy. I don't like that Addison has abandoned her dignity and is now begging for her husband to love her and he doesn't and that is just too sad. I know that Addison did a terrible thing and personally I believe (as the hateful Dr Phil says) infidelity is a "deal breaker" but she crawled back. She was willing to accept whatever crumbs he dropped for her. She is taking her punishment because she knows she deserves it but enough is enough.
Meredith has made me hate her because I know she will never love George. George who happily trots after her, the carbon copy of Addison except he has committed no wrong. Meredith will punish him for his devotion. I can feel it in my bones that she will find her way back to McDreamy and Addison and George will be left, battered and bruised.
I guess the issue is no one should ever screw with George or they incur my wrath, he is my favorite.
I hate it when my television shows become hurtful things. Writers of television never seem to understand that there is a limit to a viewers sympathy. They always go that one step too far making the watcher cringe and shudder. Making it impossible to continue watching because the box has been completed and even the very best writer can't write themselves honestly out of that box. The writer is now going to have break some rules, a character is going to have to do something completely out of character to salvage the mess and then the viewer has to decide is they are willing to follow a story that has an escape hatch. Once that hatch is constructed you know that no other story line will be authentic because the writers have already shown their willingness to bail to get them out of an honest resolution.
I know they wont deconstruct Meredith, so it will be George that will die, or become an asshole or whatever to get Meredith safely out of his hands sympathy intact and that sucks....
I have to laugh now because I have just completed writing a complaint about fictional characters and that is lame.. and it hasn't even I am a pessimist.
But and of course there has to be a but I care about good writing.(whine)

I am getting more and more excited about the World Cup. I loved UEFA though England was terribly disappointing. I am spending all my time watching the Premiership, Italian soccer is just too damn polite for me and I hate to say it but they take too many dives. I hate a diver, it's so pussy.
I don't have a favorite team honestly, I go back and forth. I love certain players..Henri for being so classic, sleek and graceful, Rooney for being a bulldog with terrifying speed..there are so many. We don't get to see the Spanish League here and that sucks. I think Real Madrid is absolutely incredible right now. They had a horrible start this year..embarrassing, but right now? wow. It's weird how we got into just crept up on us, one game at a time. Then UEFA and watching countries battle it out. It was such a pageant, the Greeks and Portuguese kicking everyone's ass...I love watching underdogs. hell I was a Buffalo Bills fan for way too long. I know my underdogs. It was so wonderful to finally get a winner.
Soccer isn't your grandfathers game anymore, it's faster and harder. The fan violence has been almost completely eliminated, a sad history. The clubs have eliminated the standing areas. Everyone must have a seat and the security is tight. The penalty for unruly fans has become so high no club can afford even one ass.

I was reading The New York Times (online) today and there was a story about Michael Crichton and George Bush. It seems Mr Crichton doesn't believe in global warming. George Bush doesn't either so they had a nice dinner together to happily agree with each other gleefully. I can see them giggling madly about those dumb scientists being so dumb,cause they are dumb..giggle.
Isn't that just great? A President so stupid he is taking his environmental policy from a really bad writer.
George Bush thinks global warning might,just might exist but human beings have nothing to do with it. He thinks it's just the way the planet feels like, like the Earth got a cold from some other planet. His idea is wait it out, the planet will get over it ....
I agree the planet will ofcourse get over it, the problem is will human beings get over it too?
The polar ice cap is melting. Today New York realized it needed flood gates because the water level strangely is how did that happen? Could it be that when huge, crazy huge amounts of ice melt that creates water? Then that water goes into lets say the ocean and the ocean gets more full,like a cup and oh now you need flood gates..
So why oh why are the polar ice caps melting? Could it be that it is getting warmer?. Too warm for the ice to stay perfectly frozen, the warm water underneath undermining the ice from below? Why? Maybe because we , human beings are stripping this planet clean. We are digging holes everywhere looking for anything to make a buck on and then stripping the top off the planet for the same reason. Will we stop when the planet is as bald as Captain Picard? When every step we take we run the risk of falling into an abandoned mine? Will we be done then?

George Bush makes me nuts. If it isn't his oh so "Christian" desire to liberate the world from their own cultures at the point of a gun it's his mad desire to stick his head in the sand about the environment. I wonder how soon it will be before he declares that anyone who doesn't believe what he believes is a terrorist...
I worry more now that Cheney has been undermined, yes he is Darth Vader but he has a functioning brain. He will know when to stop..Bush doesn't have a stop button...he is as fervent as any Islamic fundamentalist in his own beliefs. Clashes of religion can only end in disaster for the rest of the world who just want a quiet life and a place to write about their favorite recipes and how their children have finally learned to potty train.

My favorite recipe is an apple pie my husband makes...yum.


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