Saturday, February 11, 2006

oh well

I watched the winter olympics opening ceremonies. All I can say is huh?
It was pretty but Pavarotti was the only exciting moment. Damn that man gives me chills. Not in the "he is hot" way cause no but that voice is so beautiful.
The Canadian hats were great but the mongolians had us beat. Those were truly great hats.
I watched that godawful Dakota Fanning/Robert Deniro "scary" movie on TV . That kid needs to get someone to at least skim the scripts because fancy co-stars will not a career make.
How many times can that kid be in peril and never get the axe?
I am having a wicked bout of insomnia right know. I love to sleep but the getting there part is harder and harder lately.
I need to quit smoking,start working out and eat some fruit and vegetables....soon.
I have a plan but just like getting to sleep it's hard to get started.


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