Thursday, February 02, 2006

history of a blog

I wanted to settle in and see if I like the place before explaining the history of the blog and its title.
For the last three years my life has been, well, adventures in disaster.
I have had multiple contacts with the medical community and frankly they all sucked.
I am a nurse in a very busy Intensive care unit so one would think hey! she is going to get great care..well one would be wrong.
I have had a lumpectomy (right breast), an appendectomy and a discotomy and decompression.
Running through every surgery is a long standing out of control tonsil infection.
So I have been sick.
On top of being unwell my family has suffered some bad losses.
So when I finally started to feel better I wanted to start writing things down and talking about what happened to me and why it happened and how all of it could have been avoided or at the very least been less traumatic, terrifying and painful.
So I am going to start from the beginning of the first bad year and take a good hard look at where I went wrong.
Hopefully I can help everyone else navigate the system much better than I did and maybe educate those that have been lucky to avoid the worst of it.
I have a few links on the sidebar that will offer a community that allows for venting and learning.
I will do a little venting of my own.
If you have questions ask them .I will do my best to help.


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