Thursday, February 02, 2006

I think I love you

After trying to write over at typepad being here is shocking,It is sleek, fast and easy.
The blog is going to end up being a three part kinda thing.
I want to talk about medicine and in particular nursing because someone I read said the age of blogger pontification is over dammit and if you are going to write you are obligated to create something. Yes, I agree that sounds all kinds of condescending but they have a point.

So, first part is education, being a nurse and why the hell anyone should pick it as a career.
The second part is all about chronic pain.Otherwise known as "oh god she is whining again" but seriously there are millions of us and it would be nice to be a resource on medications and treatments. Someone out there will benefit from my experience and if it is only to save you from the steroid epidural I will have done my job.
The third is me bitching about books and television and movies. I love television, Hi my name is___ and I am a televisionaholic. Also something of an expert on snack food. The Pringle being the greatest example ever created. I may talk about weight loss if the snack thing spirals out of control but so far so good.
I am historically a little ranty, sometimes the use of profanity may pop up. I love profanity. It is lazy but it sounds and looks good and I can't resist.
Occasionally I will talk about cats,dogs,horses and rodents . More importantly I will link to some of the cutest pictures of kittens ever seen.
Check out the links. Damn Hell Ass kings offers some of the best writing and personalities on the web.


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