Thursday, February 02, 2006

okay then

My apologies as the links appear to be faulty. My template page eagerly says it has been accepted and published but as you can see..not so much.
The preview page looks fantastic though!
Too bad I can't get the actual blog to look that way.
I am requesting some help because obviously I am doing something wrong.
What is making me nuts is some of the links work and others don't and others don't appear at all and aargh...
This computer stuff ain't as easy as it looks.
Or maybe I'm not half as smart as I think I am.
In other news aspirin is a wonder drug.
Aspirin doesn't need to be taken in high doses either. 81mg tabs do as much as 325mg. So save your stomach and go for baby aspirin. I loved the pink weirdly flavored ones as a kid. Was it a really bad idea to make aspirin taste good? I don't think so. Tablets are so much easier to get into a kid , the liquid sprayed all over the carpet and that is a health hazard for really dumb dogs. The kind of dogs I own.
All the most recent clinical research is confirming that aspirin in low doses is good for you. A doctor needs to check your health history before starting aspirin, some people with a severe history of stomach ulcers or bleeding issues should probably not take aspirin. Aspirin works as an anti-inflammatory agent and it makes platelets less sticky. It can prevent lethal blood clots from forming and it can soothe inflamed tissue. And yet we still don't have a clue how it does this work. Aspirin comes naturally from the bark of the willow tree though we make it now through artificial means. I would hate to see every willow tree stripped of its bark.
Well back to pretending to know what I am doing and blogger giggling madly.
I believe I may have blogger by the throat..or blogger might have me..we shall see.


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