Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Politics and religion

Why do we have alternate spellings of religion/religon?
I don't usually comment on what is happening in the world because it just makes me angry but what the hell is going on with this comics furor?
I understand that the comic was inflammatory and God knows if Pat Robertson saw a comic showing Jesus wearing a bomb on his head we would all know about it(unless ofcourse it showed Jesus blowing up terrorists in Iraq) but it was a comic.
A satirical comment on how all fanatical extremists view their own God. Osama believes his God is a willing murderer of innocents if they don't believe what he believes and an artist made a comic showing that belief. Big deal.
I don't believe the rest of the world is bound by the agreements Muslims made to their religion.
Muslims decided it was wrong to make a picture of Mohammed..so Muslims shouldn't make pictures of Mohammed..what right do they have to stop anyone else from doing it?

Just because you have made a personal choice to believe in a religion doesn't mean the rest of the world stops and bows down to your every whim.It doesn't mean that your religion and it's history are off limits to the rest of the world.
Watching the riots over a comic makes me think the world has gone crazy.
Killing people is a ridiculous way of showing you are a "good" Muslim,Christian or Jew. Killing people means you are a crap worthless human being.
It stuns me how so many people decide that in the name of religion human life has no value. It stuns me that people believe in a bizarre after life that justifies killing innocent people in this life.

There is NO religion that advocates murder, no where in the Bible or the Koran does it say it's okay. There is no passage that says burn down buildings, murder documentary film makers on the street or intimidate political comic strip artists.

Why can't everyone shut up about their religion?, believe what you want,obey whatever rules come along with that belief but don't expect me to accommodate your private religious beliefs.Accept that some people are going to think you are a crackpot, if you have "faith" than why so much defensiveness?Is your belief so flimsy a comic will bring it down?

Every religious fanatic wants and dreams about being a victim. Any excuse, even a stupid comic is good enough to maim,murder and burn all in the name of don't be mean to me I have religion.

I cannot tell you how disgusted I am by extremists who would be murderers with or without religion. Extremists who steal religon so they can terrorize.

I cannot express how much I hate organized religion, it creates zombies full of hate,
Nothing good has ever come from religion. From George Bush to Osama..all of them arrogantly believing they are right and everyone else is wrong and happily killing people in their never ending quest to prove my God is the bestest God ever.
Don't be fooled, Iraq and Afghanistan are wars over religon not oil and poppies.
and in my humble opinion if God ever did exist? He got so disgusted by crazy murdering fanatics he left to try over someplace else.


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