Tuesday, February 07, 2006

wrong,very,very wrong

House was on tonight. It was new and it was awful.
I have never liked the Stacey story line. House was devasted by the abandonment of Stacey after his leg surgery. Despite being a prick it's my opinion it never occurred to him that the woman he loved would walk out. I think he believed in that relationship. He may have been withdrawn, bitter and an endless pain in the ass but being dumped never crossed his mind.
Being dumped reinforced all his negative thoughts, burning that bitterness right in.
Through the miracle of plot contrivance Stacey shows up. It never ever crossed my mind that House would go near her.
It made no sense at all.House was written as a man who knew all about lies. He had an intimate knowledge of liars and the damage they do and I think Stacey was his teacher. The idea that he would fall at her feet and humiliate himself for a another chance at heartbreak was ridiculous.
The writers saw it differently.
To see House with Stacey made House a liar. I, as a viewer had to find House a broken but redeemable character. He could not be a complete bastard because he would then become unwatchable. He is know confirmed to be a monster.
He slept with Stacey, a manipulative woman with no morals. He knew she was married and his only concern was getting the husband out of the way. He expressed absolutely no concern for Marks well being, he left him devastated in a stairwell.
When Stacey struggled with her choice to abandon her crippled husband House decided to dump her. He couldn't and wouldn't change, he didn't want to change.
Are we supposed to think it was a revenge f#^k? Did he string her a long,sleep with her and dump her because she dumped him? Or are we supposed to believe he dumped her because he honestly thought he would fail in the relationship?
The writers portrayed him as a vicious thug with no emotional center or morals but then they ask us to believe in his introspection, his thoughtfulness in trying to spare Stacey and himself pain if he failed. You cannot have it both ways writers. You went too far , crossed the prick line and left me actively disliking House.

I loved this show for its honesty and its great medical mystery of the week plotlines.I loved House for being a rude, arrogant ass with a hilarious sense of the absurd.
I can't stand him now.Every line that should make me laugh makes me wince because I now know that it's not humour, it's petty mean cruelty.
With one stupid unnecessary plot line invented to give Sela Ward some work House has become crap. Hey! Sela! actresses are supposed to use their faces to emote , with that much Botox all I can see are your terrified eyes..you suck, and I used to love you..what the hell happened?

I watched American Idol and cringed. It was a cringefest. The sad part was they weren't horrifically bad singers, they were just run of the mill ,ordinary bad singers..much like me.
A lot like me..cringe..at least I have enough self awareness to know I suck.
I know the show throws in ringers but I can't believe they are all ringers. There has to be some honest auditions where these kids truly believe they have a shot despite their complete lack of talent.
That's where my interest is. How did they get this far being so deluded? How can their parents or friends just go along for the ride? How do they keep their mouths shut when these talentless terrors start warming up? Frankly, I couldn't do it. I love my kid, but if she woke up tomorrow and said she was auditioning for Canadian Idol I would laugh til I peed. Then I would say no,no you're not because I have heard you sing and you inherited my voice, sorry about that.
Now they go to Hollywood for hell week, 125 kids all hoping to become stars. It's really,really sad. Some of these kids left university for this...hope mom and dad can get the tuition money back.
I want to watch just for that little girl who lives with her grandfather because her father is a drug addict in prison and her mother is some addict wandering the street....no wonder the kid can sing the hell out of country music.


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