Tuesday, February 07, 2006

oh lord

I am really bad at html..now repeat that fifty times. I promise to never play with the code ever again. In other news some kind professional is coming to fix the mess I made. I hate that.
Not the person coming to fix the mess,the fact that I have to open the door and admit it was me.
Feeling stupid always makes me feel a bit anxious.
I have always arrogantly believed that it is possible to learn anything given enough time and enough support..heh...I was wrong.
Wrong seems like a theme.
I have thought about this space while at work and maybe I can get someone funnier than me to guest but sadly right now dumb people are shooting innocent people and someone has to go look after them both.
We can file that under why the hell anyone would ever want to be a nurse as soon as I figure out why the hell I am a nurse


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