Saturday, February 11, 2006

helping others

I meant to make a post earlier about Schuyler. She is a little girl with a nasty genetic disorder that has stolen her voice. Her parents are lovely people who work hard and do the best they can in pretty hard circumstances.
I understand that a lot of people feel very uncomfortable about so called "welfare" blogs. I think that is a really harsh term really.
The internet is a really huge place and we can collectively do a lot of good. I believe it is a wonderful thing to come together and help a little girl be able to communicate. I think it is a fine thing to reach out to the community and say help me help my child.
We are all not Bill Gates, a lot of us live on the edge, one paycheque away from disaster struggling to do the best we can in normal circumstances.
We are not obliged to contribute, we can help in lots of ways.
Schuyler is a cool kid and I added the link for anyone that wants to read a well written, funny, sometimes heartbreaking blog about a really cool dad trying to make the world an accessible place for his kid.
Genetic disorders are terrifying to all of us. Some DNA code gets misplaced and because the world is a mysterious place you meet and marry someone carrying the same broken code you do. The odds are incredible but it happens.
It reminds you that a big part of lives are governed by dumb luck.


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